Counterattack rolls on. Jewish addresses in Europe


Dear Colonel Kelly,

After a selection of organizations, here is the suggestion which is to be posted in the Demastus Forum. It would be great if the 37th Texas could mobilize as many of Jewish Southerners to participate in the letters flood. The answer letters can be send on individual basis to the media, newspapers or politicians, to make clear in Europe Nazi Victims do not agree to such cheap false Nazi comparisons.


Raphael Waldburg

Enough is enough! An international counterattack against those using the Nazi-Confederate tactic.

For much too long time we are watching hate attacks against the Confederate battle flag, Confederate legacy, the besmirching of most honorable gentlemen of the South, and the fallen Confederate heroes by the false, coward and cheap tactic of bring them together with Nazis. This is of course the most stupid madness, but it seems to work in the minds of young students, liberals and extremists. At long term it will be used more and more to erase Southern symbols and help minimize Southern pride. It may even become the final triumph of Yankee liberalism more after 140 years after the end of the War.

In Europe, to draw such comparisons like the battle flag as a form of Swastika or general Forrest as Hitler (what will be next? General Lee as Bin Laden?) are forbidden by law. The recent comparisons to American slavery as a form of Holocaust are also not only stupid, but an insult to the millions of victims of the real Holocaust. This is in fact a form of Holocaust denial. Especially it attacks the honour of those brave Jews who fought for the Confederacy under the battle flag many of them lie to rest at Shockoe Hill Cemetery in Richmond, which includes the only Jewish Military burial ground outside of Israel.

As an Associate SCV member I have taken the decision on my own to contact European Jewish Heritage Defense Groups and Nazi Victims Associations, the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation for Restoring Jewish Heritage in Central and Eastern Europe and the mighty Jewish Central Council of Germany, and to write them explaining what a awful propaganda campaign is going on in America, using symbols of crime to attack honorable people for just hate reasons. Also that a form of Holocaust denial is going on in this.

The European Jews and Holocaust victim Associations are very sensible to scandals like this one, and we may bring them to write protest notes in the US Media. This will help to steal someone’s thunder as they will see they cannot hold their cheap tactics without hurting the real victims.

Hope this will help to end or minimize disgusting discussions about Nazi Cross, Southern Cross, racism, war criminals, etc.

Here are some contact addresses. I strongly recommend the postal way, not electronic post. Tell them in a short letter what the Confederacy stood for and that you don’t understand why your Heritage is attacked with such a dirty comparison. Tell them, perhaps including some articles and websites, as already denounced in the SHNV forum, how certain journalists are working to use the Swastika and the Nazi formula to erase the Confederate Heritage and ask the organization for a statement. They must receive a flood of letters explaining the situation and making clear such tactics are unacceptable, false and a form of Holocaust denial. The more written support we may get the better. Such answer letters can be sent to US newspapers and may open a nationwide discussion that puts the bloodthirsty wolves of hate back in their holes.

1. Jewish Central Council of Germany,, includes English version.

The most powerful organization to defend Jewish Heritage in Germany and Central Europe. It is a corporation under public law and the umbrella organization for Jewish Communities in the Federal Republic of Germany, with over 105,000 members. It currently embraces 102 local Jewish communities. They fight Antisemitism, Neonazis and any form of Holocaust denial.

President: Susanne Knobloch
Vice-Presidents: Dr. Salomon Korn, Dr. Dieter Graumann
Secretary General: Stephan J. Kramer

Postal address:

Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland K.d.ö.R.
Postfach 04 02 07
10061 Berlin

I recommend asking the Jewish Central Council of Germany to forward copies of your letters to responsible officials of the European Jewish Congress, the World Jewish Congress and the World Jewish Restitution Organisation, just to take notice.

2. The Ronald S. Launder Foundation,

An international organization launched by former U.S. Ambassador to Austria, Ronald S. Lauder, which provides Jewish education and helps to restore Jewish Culture in the territories of Central and Eastern Europe once devastated by Nazi occupation and extermination politics. These are the people who suffered the Nazi Cross and know what it really means. By contacting the President himself, you will be talking to a conservative American who may better understand the problem of the disgusting Confederate Nazi comparisons.

President and Chairman: Ronald S. Lauder
Executive Vice President: Dr. George Bán
Vice President: Rabbi Binyamin Krauss

Postal address:
The Ronald S.Lauder Foundation
Rykestr. 53
10405 Berlin

3. Working Circle for Holocaust Victims, Arbeitskreis für Betroffene des Holocaust (PAKH e.V.)

Association created in 1994 by David Resumann to put together the few remaining survivors of Concentration Camps and Ghettos in Germany. Also makes studies about Antisemitism, the significance of Nazism and Racial Violence. It can be contacted through the Jewish City Council of Dusseldorf, Germany.

Chairman: Dr. Stephan Rohrbacher
Deputy Chairman: Alon Dorn

Postal address:
Jüdische Gemeinde Düsseldorf / Arbeitskreis für Betroffene des Holocaust
Zietenstraße 50
40476 Düsseldorf

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