Councilman Dowdell desecrating graves
this is my letter to the Auburn Mayor. I guess it´s better to write to the Mayor and City Council members rather than to Dowdell, because he will not read your protests, even laugh at them. Pressure from above is better.
Mayor Hamm, Sir,
I am writing to you from Europe because I have recently read about a Councilman of your town, a certain Mr. Arthur L. Dowdell, desecrating the graves of American Veterans. It seems the graves of Confederate soldiers (American Veterans by Federal Law of your country) had Confederate battle flags adorning the historical gravesites and this Councilman Dowdell took them like pulling out weeds and stated they represented “racism and the Ku Klux Klan” to him. 

Desecration of graves is always, and in every Christian confession, one of the most disgustingly awful sins. It is the very essence of hate. I remember this especially because this Councilman of yours seems to be a kind of “Bishop” in a certain church…

I am spreading the news of this unbelievable abominable action throughout Europe now. Newspapers here are very sensitive about grave dignity, either Napoleonic or World War 1 and 2 graves. And they will sadly learn that an American citizen full of prejudice and hate, who is a city Councilman and claims to be a kind of minister of his church, attacks the resting place of American Veterans just because his ignorance of his own history mixed with lack of true Christianity has led him to such and despicable act.
Please Mayor Hamm, do not tolerate hate activists ripping the wounds of the past in the history of your Nation, it could leave to major problems of convivial in your town. Keep the spirit of brotherhood and peace that inspirited President Eisenhower while preparing the first Centennial of the War between the American States. Actions like the one of this hate monger are no good harbinger for a respectful Sesquicentennial 2010-2015. Thus, it would be great if the next news could be the about the dismissal of this man from the Auburn City Council.
Yours most sincerely,
Raphael Waldburg-Zeil
Madrid, Spain