The quote of the preamble to HR 97 is incorrect.  The actual bill is SR 97, not HR 97 the text of which can be found here:
I am all for exposing the North for what they were/are… but I want it to be accurate.  The quote listed in the previous post of SHNV is not.
The actual bill was put forth to "retaliate" for abuses the Union claimed the Confederates were inflicting upon Union soldiers.  It never passed.
The quote you were given was re-written/edited to say the opposite of what it originally said… I don’t want anyone to start innocently spreading false information at the expense of their credibility.  I am certain that you simply trusted the source of the information without verifying its truth.  I believe it to be an honest mistake on your part.  I hope you will send out a correction in your next post.