Confederate flag Clothing Causes Controversy


The controversy over kids wearing clothing with confederate flag emblems at Fayette County Middle School in Tyrone, Ga., is a great opportunity to put arrogant, censorious school administrators on the defensive big time. Very big time.

When kids opposed to other students wearing Confederate pride clothing demonstrated to ban that clothing, they were not disciplined. The kids who wore the clothes were disciplined instead.

Ok. Now it’s time for kids whose confederate flag shirts were banned and were disciplined, to demonstrate against the wearing of fubu, Malcolm X shirts, and similar attire. Malcolm X was a racist and preached violence by most any standards, you know.

If the administration backs the demonstrators vs. the kids wearing the offending attire as it did with the Dixie Outfitters confederate shirts, the Malcolm X kids will be disciplined by the school and have to give up their attire also. That will be a lesson in fairness and equality everyone can understand.

It will also, quite probably, be an object lesson to the kids who demonstrated to suppress the Dixie Outiftters shirts. They will know how it feels to get the same treatment they were so eager to dish out.

In consequence, I suspect both sides would drop their opposition to the other side’s attire. The very same thing happened a few years back at Harris County Middle School in Hamilton, Ga., a few years back and that was the result.

However, if the school officials punish the kids protesting clothing with Malcolm X and similar logos and let the kids continue to wear the offending attire, those kids will have a wonderful discrimination suit against the school district. They will have been treated exactly opposite to the way those were treated who wore the Dixie Outiftters shirts.

Its a great way to turn the tables on political correctness and get some school administrators and school boards in very hot legal and political water. That’s using the old bean.

If only the Fayette County kids and their parents will follow through.

Randolph Phillips
Shiloh, GA.

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