Re: The Confederate Flag Causes Controversy at the Golden Corral


Ms. Herrschaft:

First of all I wish to let you know that I am originally from Cuba where there has not been any type of freedom of speech for about four decades although a change will take place soon.

Having stated the above, I find the demand of the taking down of the Confederate flag as outrageous and despicable. The meeting that was held by the Sons Of Confederate Veterans was apparently private. They had rented a room in the restaurant to hold their meeting.

The Sons Of Confederate Veterans is an association of the descendants of those who fought along side the Confederacy in the War Of Northern Aggression.

They had every right to show their flag as it has to do with heritage and not hate. You have other groups showing their flags such as those from other Latin American countries at heritage functions. No one objects to the showing of those flags. Then we have this situation where someone is offended? Talk about political correctness! The person in question could have walked out of the restaurant and could have gone elsewhere instead of raising all this unwarranted commotion.

During the war, Cubans fought along side the Confederacy. See Cubans In The Confederacy by Philip Thomas Tucker in Amazon books. See also Hispanic Confederates at

This is again an attempt on the part of the politically correct crowd trying to infringe on the first amendment rights of a particular group. The individual in question should be ASHAMED OF HIMSELF ASUMMING OF COURSE THE PERSON UNDERSTANDS THE DEFINITION.

I came over from Cuba due to political repression WITH NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH. 

If the person does not like the fact that freedom of speech applies to all groups then that person should go elsewhere even leaving the United States or at least the South. One idea would be for this person to go to Cuba and see if he likes not having any freedom. He has absolutely no right to infringe on the rights of others. In my opinion I find bigotry and racism hideous and despicable no matter from where or who it comes from. 

Enough with Southern bashing! Southerners are one of the most decent people I have ever met and that is why I have many good Southern friends. I very much enjoy southern culture.


Al Gutierrez
Titusville, Fl.