Teen banned from prom over controversial dress

Apr 24, 2012
By Janice Broach


(WMC-TV) – A Mid-South teen is banned from prom for wearing a dress that resembles a confederate battle flag.

"It wasn’t done to offend anybody," Texanna Edwards explained of her dress. "It was done just for the sole fact that I just wanted a rebel flag dress because I thought it was cool."

But the principal at Gibson High in West Tennessee did not think it was cool.  Edwards, a senior at the school, tried to wear the dress that she helped design to the prom Saturday night.  She also wore a rebel flag necklace.

"He told us y’all have to leave because the dress is inappropriate," Edwards said.

Texanna, who plans to become a veterinarian, said she almost cried, "I felt like it but I was more mad."

She says she does not understand why the dress was banned because students in school wear rebel flag shirts, hats, and belt buckles.

"I don’t see the point of not letting someone in their one-and-only prom, senior prom. The year they graduate. Doesn’t represent anything bad," Cody Beasley, a fellow student says.

LaShantay Beverly, also a student, agrees.

"Other people wear the same stuff to school but they don’t get kicked out of school on that basis," she said.

"It was heritage not hate.  She didn’t go in their to make nobody upset or anything like that," says student Brittany Donald.

Gibson High principal, James Hughes, refused to talk with WMC-TV.

Last year, Texanna wore a camouflage dress to the prom.

She says the whole thing has been blown out of proportion.

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