Dear SHNV Friends,

Controlling our own agenda is a learned skill that the enemies of freedom will not respectfully recognize or honour. We must learn to be on the offense and not expect the enemies of freedom to like it. Being on the offense often means growing a thicker skin and being purposely offensive when necessary. Trying to always be "nice" is rarely conducive to initiating meaningful reform and political change. Inviting the devil to dinner will get us nowhere.

We should 1) identify "self-aware" Southerner’s, 2) make available attractive substantive reading, 3) followed by thoughtful dialogue, and 4) develop an "action plan" that is educational in nature and local in influence. The restoration of freedom begins by building a local and regional consensus. We cannot expect to put a true constitutionalist in the office of POTUS (President of the United States) while our cities and school boards are in the hands of Marxists.

"Heritage Not Hate" is weakly self-defensive and I have stopped using the expression. I do hate tyranny, forced union (is not real union), pragmatism, fascism, socialism, egalitarianism, etc. The phrase permits others to keep us on the defensive. To them the phrase means nothing.  When they call us a "racist", we should respond, "And just what is your point?" The accusation is an insult made by people with whom we should not waste our breath.

The phrase “Heritage Not Hate” is unproductive in accomplishing our goal though it represents how we feel about our own Southernness. Using the phrase with others does not necessarily mean you are a coward. Most people just have not taken much time to think about it and it does readily sell as a bumper sticker slogan.

Most proto-Southerners (novices in becoming a “self-conscious” Southerner) like the term upon first hearing it used. That is normal and an attempt to deny being called a “sociopath”, but that means nothing to the manipulative egalitarian and contributes nothing to a conversation about freedom and constitutional government.

Calling someone a “racist” is like calling them a "meany." It demonstrates what someone wants to think of us for their own reasons. It is anti-intellectual, demonstrates a deep seated hatred of the targeted person and avoids the topic of conversation. "Diversion" is a popular propaganda technique because it works so often. Beating up (invalidating) on a designated and useful enemy redirects people’s attention from the issues that really matter.

Anyone to whom you feel compelled to say “No, it represents my heritage and is not a symbol of hate” does not deserve your thoughtful responses and will not understand them when you present them. They have an agenda that does not take much intellect to follow and it is apparently popular with those of limited intelligence even though being popular is NOT a measure of truth or of that which is right.

Timothy D. Manning, M.Div
Executive Director
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