To Control Southern Elections


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It is beyond question that the War Between the States and ensuing reconstruction of militarily-refeated Southern Americans is a sorry blot on our history. To really understand the episode, one must look past the propaganda of the victors who had to somehow justify the huge expenditure of life and fortune in their quest. The following is well worth reading, and readers will find a good follow-up to this on the Union League page at >>>

/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS: This stuff is worth its weight in gold, not least the quote Mr. Thuersam included, "Ten Years on a Georgia Plantation After the War." In fact it’s the whole thing in a nutshell. Nobody who’s paying attention can fail to see that the WBTS was in fact a communist takeover, indistinguishable from those in Russia (1917), Hungary (1956), Cuba (1959) et al, and as always dominated by strident, lying propaganda about the nobility of this "liberation" process. The only difference here is that America already had a well-entrenched freedom culture emblemized by freedom fighters like Hampton and his Redshirts who threw the yankee commies out of South Carolina, triggering the end of the tragicomically-misnamed "Reconstruction" era.

The 1898Wilmington site is HOT stuff — much stronger than I remember it from a few years ago. How about this quote — "Recent scholarship has demonstrated that the Radical and later the bloody-shirt wing of the Republican party had little use for the Negro except as political ballast." Now if that isn’t the plain truth with a cherry on top, what is? But look how much truer it is today of EVERY SINGLE INSTITUTION IN THE COUNTRY. I wonder if the "recent scholarship" they refer to includes the book Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists: Marxism in the Civil War by our friends Al Benson and Donnie Kennedy. (To show you how rigged Amazon is, you don’t find this book by searching "Al Benson" there.)

I doubt the editors of are exactly "white supremacist", but note that they brilliantly choose to start the excerpts on their homepage with this quote, which destroys fully half of PC in one fell swoop:


I think we can gather from this that "white supremacy" has only recently become a six-alarm buzzterm, with lots of help from the federal agents infiltrating the KKK et al. and their confreres throughout mediadumb. White supremacy simply means whites dominating the societies their ancestors bequeathed them, a fair enough proposition on the face of it and (duh!) the pattern through millennia of Western history. Since the entire third world is moving to the supposedly "racist" USA, it would seem most people everywhere prefer white supremacy deep down. Even in black African countries they’re calling ror whitey to come back and take charge. NAACP members will rail forever against life in "racist" America, but they never move to Zimbabwe, just as commie witches like Hillary never move to red China — though that would be the logical extension of the bilge that their ilk constantly spew forth.

<<<"We have hospitals and schools but they don’t work and we’re giving birth to a new breed of illiterates," said Chris Alagoa, of the Akassa Development Project. "This town is moving backwards in time." The irony for residents of Akassa, mostly members of the Ijaw ethnic group, is that on their doorstep millions of dollars are generated every day in oil revenues. "We have nothing here now," said Wisdom Frankolin, 73, an Akassa fishermen and town elder who yearns for the return of colonial days.>>>