Contrabands: 1862


In Africa, when two tribes battled, the winner of that war sold the other tribe into slavery, which is how many slaves were obtained that came into the Americas. In Africa, this was the expected manner in which to deal with the losers. Then, slave traders would bring this "cargo" to the market where they thought it would bring the best price.

Less than 10% of all the slaves that came into the Americas were brought into the USA. Those that did come came in slave ships that were 100% owned, operated and outfitted by New England owners (See "Complicity-How the North Promoted, Prolonged and Profited from Slavery" by Farrow, Lang and Frank, of the Hartford Courant, 2005).

The Emancipation Proclamation was a war measure taken against the Confederacy by Lincoln, because the measure did not free any of the slaves in the Union or its territories, where Lincoln had authority but did not use it to have freed all the slaves immediately. The intent of the timing of the Proclamation was to gain Union support from European nations, and in so doing, to also perhaps generate some civilian uprising among the black population in Confederate states, and ultimately, to win the war. (See "Myths of American Slavery", Walter D. Kennedy, Pelican Press, 2003).

Slavery could have been stopped before it ever started if Africans had not established the process of selling off the members of the losing tribes, in a manner not unlike Joseph being sold off by his brothers.

These faces definitely are gaunt and strained. I believe that reparations must begin with the original sellers and shippers of these slaves!

Doug Stewart