From: Craig Maus –
Date: Thu, Sep 30, 2010
Subject: The Constitutionality of the Confederacy & what YOU MUST understand.

Dear Brethren (Hundreds bcc herein),
May God help us RESTORE The Confederacy!
How does one begin to cut through the maze of confusion brought about by a myriad of actions that have been designed, created and sanctioned over many years by those who have realized enormous gains at the expense of this country and its people?
NO History course could explain in short order the enormity of what has been afoot for some time and the impact it has had on you and yours….and providing it to be taught without influence & ‘outside’ interference.
However, that ‘spark’ of life associated with individual freedoms & liberty continues to flicker despite the best efforts of those who wish its total extinguishment.
Those Patriots who have continued to man those ‘Honourable Battlements’ in which this ‘flicker’ still resides, are now in their final hours….of this I am convinced.  At day’s end, the manner & direction we undertake will determine once and for all our respective fate’s.
Our Confederacy saw this coming long ago and decided it wanted NO part of it & decided to leave- PEACEABLY.
Y’all think you know what happened & why… ever since the conclusion of that Holocaust…..but do you? 
Today, we Confederates are realizing the same nightmare as is everyone across this country, but have been living it far longer than any.  We bleed red too…..but we have been telling any & all who cared to listen that today’s events were but the natural extension of those events that came about after 1865.
As such, we have been trying to go ‘Back to the Future’ and RESTORE that which was taken Illegally through Invasion in order to return & perpetuate that ‘flickering light of Liberty & Freedom’ that is clearly now in jeopardy.
A Plan for the Confederacy’s RESTORATION was put in place several years ago.  Some have deliberately described this undertaking as impossible in the least, while others have gone out of their way to impugn its integrity for a whole bunch of reasons… not the least of which  a RESTORED Confederacy would threaten their many comforts & parlours in which they have become so accustomed!  A RESTORED Constitutional Republic would certainly eliminate them ALL!
Adding to our dilemma has been those Southern Scalawags who, like their forebear’s who collaborated with the Federal Carpetbagger’s of yesteryear, would continue to realize great gains if the measure of our commitment would be silenced and placed upon that same scrap heap the Federal Government thought they had deposited us upon after April, 1865.
The carnal result from all this is the incessant & on-going ‘he-said, she-said’ dogma resulting in the intended & self-induced mis-information created & advanced by others that is anything but ‘unifying’.
We are experiencing yet another of these ‘situations’ today.
You see folks, and as I have said many times over- The Confederate Government was NEVER surrendered.
Most can’t even begin to comprehend that statement and are quick to ‘deposit’ it on that same ‘scrap heap’ noted above.  Our Military surrendered…..but OUR Government NEVER did!
Do YOU realize the significance of what that means?
Probably NOT… because YOU have been taught little of your country’s History much less about US.
However, what it means is simply this- YOU can RESTORE YOUR Confederate Government by Re-seating it!
Since it was NEVER surrendered, its Congress is simply vacant, requiring ‘body’s’ to be elected and put into those ‘vacant’ seats.
That’s where YOU come in.  If you become a Registered Citizen of the Confederacy, requesting Citizenship through the Provisional Government of the Confederacy in Texas whereby the current National Registrar will issue YOU a Citizen Certificate, YOU, yes YOU, along with YOUR other State Citizens can then elect a DELEGATE to represent YOUR State at the next Constitutional Convention.  (7 of the original 13 States MUST be represented in order to meet the required quorum to hold a Constitutional Convention)
Those DELEGATES will be charged with the responsibility of appointing an interim Confederate Government including a President, Vice-President and cabinet who in turn will establish a date for National Elections to be held.
This is NO less the same than those Delegates who were appointed by their respective State Legislatures to represent them in the Continental Congress prior to us becoming a Republic after we kicked King George the hell outa here.
Now here is where it got ‘sticky’ and YOU must be made aware of this:  State Registrar’s were appointed by the National Registrar in Texas to work in consort with the National, Provisional Government in Texas.
At least one of them has now decided to ‘do it his way’ and has abandoned the National Provisional Government.  In fact he has decided to establish himself and the State he was Registrar of as its Provisional Governor. He claims he can do this because he is acting upon that Sovereignty provided him within that State’s original State Constitution.
Here is where long-term planning over countless years involving long hours of hard work can easily go up in smoke…thanks to the mis-guided machinations of ONE person who is no longer part of the solution but who has become part of the problem.
What this does is simply add fuel to the fire… further confusing our folks and contributing to even more disgust with people simply saying- "I’ve had enough. This is all too confusing to me and I’m outa here as these guys are no better than the Federals."
This is why this explanation of detail is so essential in order for each of YOU to understand… because we are that close in getting our Country back as never before!  We can ill afford to be side-tracked at this time when so much is at stake.  The Federals have made a deliberate mess of this country and have feathered their own nests rather handsomely at the cost OUR blood, sweat & tears.  Their 2-party system and their Socialized basis for existence has already TRANSFORMED this country from the Republic it once was into the Socialized Democracy it has become.  Reconstruction, following their Illegal War upon us, was NOT the Reconstruction of the South as you have been taught & led to believe, but was, in fact, the Reconstruction of this entire Country!
The South was merely the tool through which they conspired to alter the Ideology of the Republic &, ultimately, the Northern States fell victim to the same fate as the Southern States…..but one was derived from Illegal actions (Invasion of another Sovereign Country, our Confederacy), whereas the other, (Northern States) resulted from & through natural assimilation….a BIG difference!
In closing, because I can hear it coming already from those who ‘support’ or think like this one-man who will argue that they have the right to circumvent the Provisional Government of the Confederacy as their State is ‘Sovereign"…. (yes I know it sounds confusing)…., but understand this:
When the War ended, YOUR Sovereign State ‘surrendered’ its Sovereignty to the Federals by changing & revising the language within YOUR original State Constitution’s and acknowledging & ACCEPTING  Federal supremacy OVER YOU in the re-write/amended version!  (it’s called ‘stacking the deck’ and making Legal that which was Illegal in order to justify another’s Illegal actions)
Additionally, YOU also ‘surrendered’ YOUR State Citizenship to the Federals thanks to their Illegal 14th Amendment making YOU NOW, a FEDERAL CITIZEN.
Thus, ANY Individual act YOU undertake is NOW Illegal under Federal Law and Sedition & Treason are but 2 of the immediate charges they will bring against you IF YOU ACT OUT OF THE CONTEXT WE HAVE PREPARED BECAUSE:
WE, The Confederate Government and her original States, NEVER surrendered!  WE NEVER AGREED TO ANYTHING MUCH LESS CONDITIONS & REVISIONS!
Therein is the ‘rub’ that allows us to ‘cut to the chase’,  thus NULLIFYING all their deceit & illegal actions they believed NO-ONE would ever again address in the future!
We DON’T have to establish an ‘argument’ for our existence because we STILL EXIST !
They MUST deal with us and our State’s, et al, as a Country OF Sovereign Republics .
Thus,  Sedition and Treason now becomes a ‘transferable’ charge as it is they who are GUILTY because they violated THEIR OWN CONSTITUTION resulting from an Illegal Invasion of another Country that was NEVER sanctioned or approved by their very own Congress.
THEIR president (lincoln) made this so (illegally) and so said- "I have DESTROYED the Republic to ‘save’ the Union".  As I have said before, wherein the US Constitution is the Union decried as being the over-riding entity that TRUMPS the REPUBLIC?
NO WHERE!!!!!!!!
Thus, YOUR State cannot be re-presented until such time when the Confederacy, et al, is Legally re-seated & RESTORED because we NEVER surrendered.  That is the Constitutional Glitch the Federals have long feared .
They believed that time, in of itself, would make this all ‘forgotten’….and promoted via a ‘Federal Education System’ intended to perpetuate & hide all their evil & lies.
WITHOUT THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT OF THE CONFEDERACY, YOUR INDIVIDUAL STATE WILL HAVE NO BASIS TO ‘ARGUE as a ‘singular’ entity’, BECAUSE YOU SURRENDERED, VOLUNTARILY.  YOUR STATE CONSTITUTIONS were Re- Written by the Feds and their CarpetBagger co-conspirators- Southern Scalawags included & have remained complicit with them to this very day.
ONLY through the RESTORATION of the Confederate Government can you ARGUE the position of State Sovereignty because the Confederacy NEVER SURRENDERED ITSELF OR ANY OF ITS COMPONENTS-  HER STATES.
Thank You President Davis for having the prowess, CONSTITUTIONAL foresight, temerity and individual fortitude for realizing what the consequences would have been had you signed Official Letters of Surrender…. as it would have CLOSED THE DOOR FOREVER ON EVERYONE OF US!

For God, Family and The Confederacy,
Craig Maus
Deo Vindice !
All Roads Lead to 1865- the beginning of the end !