Constitutional Convention in San Antonio
I am not going ahead with my plans for a Constitutional Convention in San Antonio on July 3, 4 2013.   I have just filed a patent and I am going to be spending full time on marketing it to a manufacturer,  This is going to take my full efforts full time from now until I sign a manufacturer signs a licensing agreement.  The Convention would also take my full time effort.
If some individual or organization would like to pick up these dates and the reservations at the Holiday Inn, I would gladly give them over.  In order to break even on the convention you need about fifty people attending.  The room’s capacity is about 600, so there is a lot of room and the organization can make a profit. I believe that the majority of guests will come in the last sixty days, but you need a core of people to attend to make sure you break even.  You will only get publicity within the last week or so before the convention.  Having a star personality such as Ted Nugent could make this a very big success.  So if someone wants to take this over, let me know, and I will have the hotel reassigns the booking.
I think this Convention will bring attention to many issues such as violation of the Constitution, immigration and free trade.  All of which are destroying this great country.
Paul Streitz