Modern conservatives do share many of the values of the Confederacy!

Charlie Rangel is more right then he knows. Let’s look at the old Confederacy and present day conservative movement!
by Mark Vogl
Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The truth hurts. An ignored truth hurts even more.

Recently, Charlie Rangel said that modern conservatives are the same people who were the Confederacy back in the American Civil War!

Most known American conservative spokespeople will go into reactive denial because they know just how effective a political tool can be if the liberal media invests a lot of time in a message. The link between modern conservatives and the Confederacy might harmful to the conservative cause because of the slavery issue.. For most Americans, the Confederacy is seen as the fight over the slavery only. But the issues which divided the nation in 1860 were more than that.

In modern times the Confederate battleflag has been associated with the KKK, despite the fact that American flag is always prominent in KKK pictures. And despite the fact that the largest known KKK rallies occurred in the north! So for some blacks, and the liberal media the crimson battleflag of the South has a very negative connotation, while the colors are a source of pride for many Southerners. Across the world the colors are known for defiance of an unwanted authority.

In addition, the Confederacy is obviously the South and the liberal media has done alot to create an image of Dixie as uneducated, biased rednecks in the public conscience. So the liberals and the media see this connection as a windfall of political manna.

This most recent public relations campaign began when a picture of a TEA PARTY person holding a "Don’t Tread on Me" flag side by side to a Confederate battle flag made its way on to the internet.

In one of my very first articles on Nolan Chart in February, 2010, in an article titled Sons of Confederate Veterans have a role in modern America I began to articulate an arguement which states that the roots of the modern conservative movement in the United States can be traced back to the Confederate Constitution. There is one exception, and that is the issue of slavery. But because the Confederacy is so identified with slavery, any connection between the conservative movement and the South of old has real "PR" problems. The intellectual black hole of slavery has been a poweful tool in preventing real intellectual exploration of the broad issue differences that divided our nation then, and now.

In another article in April of 2010. titled Confederate History month symbolizes continued Culure War I followed the earlier article focusing on some of the social issues and the place of God in America in our nation.

In October 2011, the article Confederate flag and causes of secession collide with 2012 election was probably the most direct attempt to illustrate that the very issues which divided a nation had not been resolved through war. The political divide in America is as stark and as important to how Americans live today.

In September 2012 I wrote an article that asked what is the South today? It’s purpose was to spark thought and discussion about the political unity of the South as a region, and what the preent day regional unity revolved around in terms of modern ideology. Clearly today’s South is more conservative than the rest of the nation. But, is that conservatism practical as a unifyer to elect Senators and Congressmen?

However, it is important to recognize the real political potential of creating a new political party around the values expressed in the Southern Constitution, if you remove the issues connected to slavery. There are between 50 and 80 million living descendants of Confederate soldiers alive today. This is a huge segement of America’s present day population, clearly enough to support a second party in America. The challenge is to build the reputation of the old South in terms of modern problems and issues. (These descentants are spread all over the nation through the great migratoins which have occurred in the Post World War II America.)

In order to make sure that the reader of this article gets a clear summary of the connections between today’s conservatives and the South’s values in 1860 as reflected in the Confederate Constitution, I will provide a brief list;

a. The Confederate Constitution was fiscally conservative by making the President’s budget proposal a baseline for government spending. In the Confederate Constitution Congress could only increase the president’s budget by a vote of 2/3’s in each house for each line changed. There were no bills which addressed more then one issue at a time.

b. The President of the Confederacy had a line item veto.

c. God was called to be a part of the governing process in the preamble to the Confederate Constitution. Imagine the effect of this on issues like abortion, Gay Rights, prayer in school, etc.

d. Commercial bail outs of any type were strictly prohibited by the Confederate Constitution.

e. The federal Judiciary in the Confederate Constitution was vulnerable to state veto review of Presidential appointees in many cases.

f. Only citizens born in the Confederacy could vote, or run for office.

These are just some of the more obvious changes in the Confederate Constitution anticipating many of the largest issues of our time. Conservatives like Glenn Beck, Rush, Hannity, etc. would deny repeatedly any connection or policy similarities between today’s conservative movement and the old South. But as you can see above, there are real and important policy agreements between the two.

The issue today for conservatives is complex. First, conservatives have to re-educate the modern American electorate about the history of this nation. It’s vital that today’s Americans understand that it was conservatism that is responsible both for the great economic success of America prior to this time, and second that it is American conservatism that guarded the liberty people enjoy today. It is important to make the connection between "American Exceptionalism" and how our nation came to be. And just as importantly, that the great divide in America today is not new, but merely a continuation of the political tradition of America that allows competing ideas and ideologies.

The media cries about the shutdown, but we could be at Gettysburg again!

And while all this is happening, Southerners, and probably others in America will learn that the Confederacy was established on the values of the Founding Fathers.

If the politics of the modern South and the Southern movement interest you, my new book Southern Fried Ramblings with Grits and All the Fixins will be available in soft cover in about two weeks. You need only contact me at

©2013 Mark Vogl

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