From: "Craig Maus" –
Date: March 29, 2010

Dear Patriots (bcc herein),
I have been forwarding  y’all those communiqués from your fellow Brethren around the country.
As YOU can see and as I have said, "YOU ARE NOT ALONE" in your miss-giving and suspicions regarding Washington for THEY ARE REAL & JUSTIFIED.
The pattern that has been in play for sometime and that which some are probably just realizing,  is that of an outrageous & out of control Washington Despot !
We Confederates have been trying to inform and warn YOU of these coming events but Washington, in conjunction with their 5th column Special Interest Groups, were simultaneously trying to bury us beneath a mountain of false claims in which we were depicted as everything from yahoo’s to racists.
Nevertheless, we have hung in their despite overwhelming odds, conditions and ATTACKS, literally as well as figuratively, and stayed the course.  We have been strong-armed at our meetings and conventions by Federal thugs in an attempt to intimidate and disrupt.
Any of you who have attended any of our Conventions and gatherings across the South know this to be true.
They have ripped our flags from our trucks in parking lots and have pushed our people about,  and called us names in order to provoke us into fights whereby we could be arrested and depicted by their media as the rednecks they were painting us as.
How many of you are even aware of that I wonder ?
Again, any and all who have attended our events know this to be true.  We have NOT discussed it openly & publically as we probably should have, knowing that it would NOT be accounted for properly, but negatively, as they always do in their controlled media.  We have become so use to their methods that we just simply dismiss them because they are so damn predictable.
Our people have been fired from their jobs and our children have been ostracized from the Federal schools if they so much as dare wear a shirt that has a Confederate Flag on it!
MANY are just discovering for the first time how out of control things are and simply can’t believe what they are seeing & witnessing.  Well, BELIEVE IT, because we have been seeing it for years and living it Mr. & Mrs. America ever since 1865!  
I can even hear the voices NOW say’en this can’t be so…..well I’m telling you it is because I have been to these events and have seen it up close and personal.  Most don’t have a clue as to what has been going on.
While we have been fighting, YOU were being Transformed !
At our events, in addition to the above, they take our license plates numbers and they do this openly to intimidate & provoke. Yeah, we sure do live in a free-country.  Y’all need to get in touch with yourselves and real fast folks.
Y’all have NO IDEA about what’s been going on in Dixie while the Emperor has been preparing your ‘BATH’ for you!
Are y’all beginning to Connect the Dots NOW ?  Are y’all seeing what’s going on NOW?  Are y’all realizing what has been afoot while you allowed them to portray as nothing less then cretins whose history and heritage was about as shallow as an ant hill ?
Do y’all get it NOW?
And aren’t y’all glad that this Confederate Army still, despite EVERYTHING, has NEVER surrendered?
Like we said, Washington will one day arrive at your doorstep and boy, y’all are gonna learn real fast what Reconstruction…, TRANSFORMATION, is all about- Real Fast!
Its 1860 all over again folks and once more I can only say, while there is still time, THAT WE MUST SEPARATE!
This is NOT a North or South issue!
This is all about what kind of government y’all want to live under- ‘Federal’,  or the Constitutional Confederacy.
Its just that darn simple and y’all better start making up your minds and real quick because the Washington Manifesto HAS BEEN WRITTEN!
When the South Lost….So TOO Did This Entire Nation, but ONLY We Confederates Knew it at The Time.
Once again, is it ALL, NOW beginning to make sense to one and all ?
ALL Roads Lead to 1865!
For God, Family and The Confederacy,
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations,
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration of The Legal Government of The South- The Confederate States of America !
PS- WILL YOU Join Our Organizations & sign up for Confederate Citizenry-  NOW ?
Deo Vindice!