From: James King –
Date: Sat, Apr 24, 2010


Posted below is my response to a confused liberal who stated that neither Confederate or Union soldiers would be proud of their descendants for honoring them today because they had allowed the issue of slavery to cause them to go to war against each other. While I agree that the descendants of (some) Union soldiers have reason to be ashamed of their ancestors behavior I feel that the descendants of (most) Confederate soldiers have every right to be extremely proud and every reason to honor them.

I think my many Confederate ancestors (2-greatgrandfathers-many uncles and cousins) would be very proud that I honor them and every one I know in the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization feels the same about their ancestors. I have known several very elderly men that their fathers were Confederate soldiers. We (SCV) hold annual memorial services, we have monthly meetings with educational programs. We have battle reenactors, programs at schools, we write letters to newspaper editors in response to anti-Confederate articles. We have purchased private land beside interstate highways and put up 120 ft. flag poles with 30×50 ft. Confederate battle flags. We have built memorial parks. We maintain Confederate graves, monuments, memorials etc. We attempt to see that Southern and Confederate history is presented in a fair and impartial manner-it is not and has not been since 1865-it is a highly biased New England perspective.

We feel that New England economic interests in coalition with New England radicals, fanatics, zealots, and hypocrites are nearly 100% responsible for causing the war. They set up the Ft. Sumter incident and then unconstitutionally, immorally and criminally invaded the South and laid waste to the land, raped, plundered and pillaged. Then after the war the Yankee carpetbaggers in the Union League-(Uncle Sam’s Terrorist Organization) acted as warlords recruiting hundreds sometimes thousands of former slaves and had them out burning white Southerners houses, barns, shooting livestock, raping women, committing murder and other despicable atrocities. If there had been no UNION LEAGUE there would have been no KKK (a resistance organization).

No my Confederate ancestors and most all other Confederates including Generals Lee and Jackson would be very proud of SCV’S work and efforts to remember them. The last surviving Confederate soldier in Georgia-Mr.Bush from Fitzgerald Georgia died in 1952 when I was a small boy and lived only 50 miles from me. In an interview with the Atlanta Journal and Constitution newspaper before his death he was quoted as saying "Damn the Yankees and God bless Robert E. Lee".

James W. King
Past Commander
Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 141
Lt. Col. Thomas M. Nelson
Albany Georgia