I have two ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War. Americans in today’s society hail them as heroes while condemning my Confederate ancestors as traitors. Both seceded & fought against their mother countries in an attempt to become independent nations.
How British citizens in the American colonies can be hailed as heroes & Confederates condemned as traitors when both did the exact same thing & for the very same reasons is strange to me. I suppose because one group won & the other lost & the victors write the history.
With this said if Hitler had won World War Two then according to those who write history this would have made his military victory right. Ideas make right, not military might. Ideas remain the same no matter who wins or loses a war.
Confederates were just as right as those who fought against King George. Both fought for their independence, freedom & right for local self-rule. Nothing more & nothing less.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama