Confederates Are Not Nazis
(Contrary to the thought police)

by Al Benson Jr.

For years it has been politically correct to speak out against Hitler and the Nazis, but somehow, politically incorrect to speak out against "Uncle Joe" Stalin and the Communists. The reason for that might have been that we had too many Communist-lovers and outright Red agents in the US State Department. Anyone remember Alger Hiss?

Now, I have no problem with speaking out against the Nazis. Their national socialism is abhorrent to me, as any form of socialism is. But, if anything, the Communists were even worse. I have often entertained the thought that the world would have been better off in World War 2 if we had just let Hitler and Stalin have at one another. However, since communism was mostly made in the US then the US could hardly refuse to support Stalin, its bastard child.

We’ve been told over the years that we had to resist Hitler because he was a "right-wing fascist." That’s hogwash and the people that started that pile of cow chips realized it. Hitler was a national socialist just like Stalin was an international socialist–and all socialists are on the far left politically. If you are going to be accurate about the political spectrum, all Communists and socialists of any stripe are on the left, which represents total government. Over on the right is their opposite number, anarchy, which represents almost no government at all. Due to sinful human nature a certain limited amount of government is necessary.

Were our students in the government brain laundries really being taught anything worthwhile this sort of thing would be elementary to them, but it’s not because they are not (being taught anything). Most of them wouldn’t know a socialist from a wart hog (is there really a dimes worth of difference)?


One thing that disturbs me in all the political sludge floating around is the increasing comparison I have seen being made between the Confederate Battle Flag and the Nazi flag. If you bother to listen to the fractious ranting of many on the left you would think the two were synonymous, which is of course the idea–guilt by association. Anyone who stops to think and do a little homework will know that this is one of the biggest lies of the past fifty years. The people that spread that sick lie know it’s a lie. They just hope you don’t.

During the War of Northern Aggression one of the major differences between the North and the South was the different faiths of the two countries. For over three decades before the War the North had largely been treading the path of apostasy–witness the Unitarian influence and the emergence of various forms of socialism in that part of the country. The South, on the other hand, had been tending more toward the Orthodox Christian faith and her pastors warned their people against placing too much reliance on man or his sinful human nature. Socialism wasn’t real popular in the South. Even today it is less popular there than in most other places. Apostasy from the Christian faith wasn’t real popular there either.

Recently a friend let me browse through a book he is reading called The Third Reich In Power. It was written by Richard J. Evans and published by Penguin Books.

On page 250 there was a very enlightening statement by a speaker at a Nazi Student’s League meeting. He said: "One is either a Nazi or a committed Christian…We must repudiate the Old and the New Testaments, since for us the Nazi idea is decisive. For us there is only one example, Adolf Hitler and no one else." Just a little idolatry there.

And then there was the little ditty that the mother of a twelve-year old found a copy of in his pocket when he came home from a meeting. This had been sung by the Hitler Youth at the 1934 Nuremberg Party Rally. It said, in part:

    We are the jolly Hitler Youth,
    We don’t need any Christian truth
    For Adolf Hitler, our Leader
    Always is our interceder.

There was more, but that’s enough to give you the general idea. This was the Nazi mindset, totally against anything Christian, even in the smallest degree. In fact, this was a mindset that was closer to that of Abraham Lincoln than it was to the vast majority in the South. On page 45 of Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists which Donnie Kennedy and I co-authored there are two statements regarding secession, one by Lincoln and one by Hitler. From the sentiment expressed in both you would think the same person wrote both. The mindsets regarding secession are almost identical.

To demonstrate how far the Southern mindset was from the Nazi mindset, note the quote by leading Southern theologian James Henley Thornwell as observed by C. Gregg Singer in his excellent book A Theological Interpretation of American History on page 84. Rev. Thornwell stated: "The parties in this conflict are not merely abolitionists and slaveholders–they are atheists, socialists, communists, red republicans, Jacobins on the one side and the friends of order and regulated freedom on the other. In one word, the world is the battleground–Christianity and atheism the combatants, and the progress of humanity is at stake." That pretty well sums up the fact that the Nazi, or any socialist, is in reality, a far, far cry from the Christian faith. I’ve read about people who were called Christian socialists. In the main their socialism was more apparent than their Christianity.

Compare the Nazis and their miserable flag to the Bible-believing folks of the Southern states with their Cross of St. Andrews flags and you have to be somewhat soft mentally to come up with any similarities whatever. The Nazi flag and the Confederate flag are at opposite ends of whatever spectrum you care to choose, either theological or political. Anyone who hasn’t been able to figure that fact out has to be "historically challenged." That being the case, what does it say of those leftists, both groups and individuals, who continue to try to make a case for the two being the same? If they are not historically challenged then they are probably "ethically challenged" which is even worse. Those who call good evil and evil good should be known by their fruits–and should be exposed wherever possible!

Copyright � 2006-2009 Al Benson, Jr.

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