My Response/Confederates?? and the Federal flag
The fact that I honor the Stars and Stripes, support the men and women of our armed forces, and honor those who fought, bled and died to keep our nation free does not make me less of a Confederate or a yankee wanna-be.  To begin with, it is not a yankee flag, it is an American flag.  There has been quite a bit of history since the 1860’s and a lot of Southern blood has been shed in defense of that flag.  By honoring that flag, I honor my dad, a combat engineer in France and Germany, my uncle-a marine on Iwo Jima and other islands, my uncle-a sergeant during WW1, my uncle-an AVG pilot killed in China in 1942, all Southern boys.    Might I suggest that you run down to the post office, get you a pass port, and depart these United States for whatever location you think is so much better.  “Delta is ready when you are.”  Maybe when you come to your senses, they will let you back in.  As to your “not wanting to be a member” of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, I am sure that there are few members who would consider your lack of membership a tragic loss.
R Daniel