Today in America whenever & where ever Southern organizations or individual Southerners attempt to attend & participate in public events it seems they are more & more met with rejection, resentment, prejudice, bigotry & intolerance, especially if carrying anything with the Confederate Battle flag on it.
Those who claim they want diversity, inclusiveness & tolerance are the very ones expressing the very exact opposite. They believe in those things as long as they are the ones on the receiving end of diversity, inclusiveness & tolerance. We can only receive them if we believe the same things they believe, there is no room for any opposing views or beliefs. They claim for themselves the same rights & freedoms they deny us.
Of course, this did not happen overnight, it’s been planned & preached for decades, we are just seeing it come more & more into fruition. If this is America then every third world dictatorship in the world is also America where everyone is expected & required to march in locked goosestep towards the same goals.
If this is what America has become & is what America intends to stay then Obama`s Reverend Wright was right, God has damned America! Instead of us continuing to think our little individual & organizational piecemeal efforts are going to stem this tide or reverse its course, many Southerners & Americans need to wake up to the real facts that face them in this country today, while they still have a little time left to do more pro-active & lasting measures about it.
While preservation of historic sites & cemeteries etc., etc., are wonderful this doesn`t get the job that needs to be done finished. At this late date in the game if you expect to save any of our history, heritage, culture or symbols of it for the long term you had better start placing all your energy, efforts & resources towards your own INDIVIDUAL STATE through such things as preparing & pushing for YOUR STATES SECESSION. If you really want to save it from this Un – American onslaught.
If you don`t, when you become the minority in this country ( Southerners already are ) then all your troubles of doing lesser things won`t mean squat, as this new Anti – Southern, Anti – American central government won`t tolerate or allow them. I don`t know why so many of you find this hard to believe or accept as you are already seeing it come about with your own eyes yet, most do nothing to change it.
Just keep doing what you have been doing & keep getting the same results, deeper in a hole you will never be able to climb out of. Just remember, German Jews couldn`t or wouldn`t see it coming either & we all know what it got them.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama