Dear Friend:
I am writing to you to let you know that my newest initiative, the Confederate War College will be offering its first seminar in East Texas, August 20 – 24, 2012.  Three different areas will be covered in 40 hours of instruction over a five day period:
a. Introduction to military planning, leadership, and thinking.  The U.S. military has never lost a war!  Want to find out why and apply those concepts to your business? The primary sources for instruction will be sections of the appropriate Army Field Manuals and my book “Military Lessons of the Civil War.”
b. Introduction to the Confederate Constitution. There is an alternative American form of democracy which anticipated many of the challenges we face today!
c. Introduction to the modern day Southern movement. Who are they and what are they doing? The basis for this is an article at  and
Instruction will begin sharply at 8 am on August 20th.  Should you be interested a Schedule of Instruction will be available upon request and a demonstration that you are seriously considering attending.
This will be a very professionally run course. Attendees will be expected be in proper attire.  The cost will be 500 hundred dollars per student. The fee will cover instruction, all instructional materials, and five lunches. In addition, I expect to provide atleast one evening of quality Southern entertainment.  In addition, we will insure sufficient tourist information is provided to facilitate an excellent visit to East Texas.
We are offering thirty seats on a first come, first serve basis.  I can promise that this will be a course found nowhere else offered.  If you are a Christian, proud to be Southern and looking for a new methodology to improve your business while meeting people who share your Southern pride, this is an event worth booking now.  Additional seminars will be offered in the future to follow up on what is introduced here.
God Bless,
Mark Vogl