From: Phil Walters <>
Date: Tue, Jul 29, 2014
Subject: FW: Confederate Ukrainian Tank
To: David McCallister <>
Cc: Lunelle Seigel <>

Subject: Ukrainian Tank

Does this look out of place to you?  Just 150 years and 5000 miles apart.

{This is a photograph, not a doctored picture, from the FoxNews web page…}

From George Washington to Robert E. Lee to Elvis to Forrest Gump to Lynyrd Skynyrd, it’s the SOUTHERNERS that the world most admires & wishes to emulate.

God bless the Ukrainians in their battle for national sovereignty against a lawless, brutal, tyrannical, LEFTIST invaders from their NORTH. And of course, with no help or support from our own imperial & lawless government.

Another instance of the world’s non PC view of the history of our Southern homeland not honestly depicted in America today.

Please forward and utilize this international message. I’m sure it will end up on the Judah P. Benjamin camp’s website.

Rally to the Colors!

Capt. Phil Walters
Dixie Gator Trappers
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