Confederate Tattoos
I’ve read the recent chatter regarding the article about new Marine recruits being denied enlistment for having Confederate flag tattoos. To no surprise, some defenders of Confederate heritage are now on the warpath against the Marine Corps.
As one who has long defended his Confederate heritage, history, and symbols, I share their contempt. However, while the Corps’ revised policy is discriminatory and hypocritical, a larger beast grows. The military has been compromised by the Visigoths of society, as this new tattoo policy was an inevitable symptom of the PC social experimentation virus that has mutated for decades in the military.
For example, “don’t ask, don’t tell” was a foot in the door that will give way to an openly sodomite Armed Forces, radically restructuring our military internally, domestically, and internationally.
Franklin Graham, the son of evangelist Billy Graham, was denied the opportunity to give the 2010 National Day of Prayer address at the Pentagon because certain Muslim Pentagon officials objected to his appearance.
Illegals and Latino gang members have been infiltrating the military for years – a ticking time bomb that will soon give its wake-up call.
The taking over of the military by homosexuals, illegals, and Muslims is a prime objective of the Marxist revolutionaries trying to bring our country “on-line” with their global society. To prevent interference, the military oath may soon read, “to support and defend the President,” leaving the Marxist free from constraint of the Constitution. That sends up more alarming flags than those the Corps is trying to remove.
Rollo May once said, “The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it is conformity.” Conformity is destroying our founding principles and values. It forces one to abandon fighting for “right” and submit to what is “popular.” Sadly, even those supporters of Southern heritage taking aim at the Corps have seen their ranks swell with conformist.
A recent example was a letter posted in the latest Confederate Veteran magazine suggesting removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the SCV logo and replacing it with the First National Flag. The sender noted that this change would bring “togetherness” with our enemies. Here’s a warning: that kind of “feel good” conformity will only speed up the extermination process.
The NAACP is a carrier of conformity. It has infected nearly every organization in the country – from government and education to the entertainment and sporting communities. Sadly, too many would rather treat symptoms by fighting schools over t-shirts and the NCAA over boycotted sporting events instead of going after the NAACP virus – the root of nearly all infringements on Confederate heritage.
Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest knew that his primary mission wasn’t to occupy ground, but to deny it to the enemy. Denied ground is the best defense against conformity. The Tea Party movement appears to be “steamed” with this concept.
When Southerners, and indeed all Americans, adopt and implement the Forrest mindset, the sooner we start taking our country, heritage, and military back.
"If we do not defend ourselves, none will defend us; if we yield, we will be more and more pressed as we recede; and if we submit, we will be trampled underfoot."   — John C. Calhoun
Jimmy Ward
GySgt / USMC (ret.)