Confederate symbols



I saw with dismay the report on your stance regarding confederate symbols with in your school, founded and named after a Confederate Lady.

If as you state that you are removing these symbols, due to the disruptive nature of them, then may I request that you also remove the stars and stripes, as that flag is seen throughout the world as a symbol of oppression and military force.

However before such drastic steps are taken, would not education as to the true meaning of the confederate flags and symbols, and what the true symbolism of these are.

American history as taught in federally run schools appears to hold the belief that to the victor goes all rights, but as an educator is it not your responsibility to teach the truth and not political doctrine.

As I am a foreigner, I am Scottish, and have researched deeply into the causes and motivations of the war of northern aggression, I do find it very disturbing, that I seem to have a truer grasp of American history than the majority of Americans do.

In closing let me say that we in the United Kingdom had for years the same problem in as much as the histories were slanted towards the English viewpoint, however that is being changed through education, but even now there was some attempt recently to replace the Scottish Saltaire, the idea was defeated and British history is balanced again.

Is it not time that American history was balanced in freedom and equality.

Major General Raymond Graham
Confederate Commander
CSA Honour Guard
Scottish Command
United Kingdom

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