Confederate Proclamations

From: "Calvin Johnson"

Good letter of response. Of those attending the Georgia proclamation signing were four descesndants of Black Confederate soldier Bill Yopp. Here is a photo that was taken shortly after the signing with the 14th Georgia flag of Yopp’s regiment. See on attachment.
Calvin Johnson

————– Original message from Billy Bearden

Dear Miss Millner,

Just finished reading your opinion piece "Shades of Gray ( )" The Nazi comparison is as lame as a 1 legged horse. As for South Africa and Apartheid, well, they were bad folks for not allowing blacks to vote, just like the United States under Jim Crow and forbidding women’s sufferage for so long.

OK, you will probably not meet another person more involved in getting Confederate History Proclamations than myself. For reference, I have been recipient to nearly 40 various such Proclamations in a period of just 7 years – the most recent was on March 31st, in honor of Jefferson Davis.

I figure that you wrote ‘Gray’ out of some need to hype a rather benign and simple situation for a small brief ratings boost. Basica lly a "Let’s bash the ignorant backwards redneck south" hit piece. Fine, we down here don’t expect no quarter from y’all left coastists.

You speak in ugly terms of the recently signed Georgia Confederate Proclamation. I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with celebrating a black Confederate war hero. I seriously doubt you even glanced at the document prior to putting your venom pen to paper.

Proclamations I have received cover the brave men, Confederate military unit names and designations, and local history. Again. ABSOLUTELY nothing race based, hate filled, biased or slanted. Simple history and a document that draws attention to the same. I know this bothers people who care not for history , or that feel thiers is the ultimate opinion on all matters.

I take note of the fact you violated the request of Mr Jeremy Arieh, and his desire not to be quoted. Connie Chung must be so proud of you, what with your ‘whisper in my ear’ journalistic ethics. Perhaps he will speak to your employer.

Please feel free to interview me in regards to this most interesting subject, as I am sure I could educate both you and your readers there out west.

Have a great day, and a wonderful week. Thanks for your time and may God Bless you.

Billy Bearden
790 Harrison Road
Carrollton Georgia 30117