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Confederate POW/MIA Flag

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Confederate POW/MIA Flag

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Confederate POW/MIA Flag

Memorial Day Weekend Saturday found 10 Va Flaggers on the Boulevard, forwarding the colors and protesting the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and I carried a very special flag. This is the Confederate POW/MIA flag and a very special one! It was sent as a gift to the Va Flaggers with the following message: "With respect and admiration to the Virginia Flaggers! Long may they wave!! – From: Kenn Lightfoot (Designer) and Joe Sparacino – Dixie County, Florida."
It was a privilege and honor to carry this flag, to honor those brave men who suffered in Yankee Prison Camps.
My Great-Great Grandfather, William Lewis Stone, from Mecklenburg County, VA, survived Point Lookout and Elmira. I carry this flag in his memory, and in honor of Mr. Lightfoot and Mr. Sparacino!
Thank you, gentlemen, for your generous gift, and God bless you both! 🙂
More information about the Confederate POW/MIA Flag here…
RETURN the flags!
RESTORE the honor!
VA Flaggers


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Rhett Barber is President, Artist and Programmer at Dixie Outfitters. A country boy, now 40 years old, grew up working and building the finest line of Southern Heritage Apparel the world has ever seen. Long live Dixie! I <3 }-K