"…the cake {the Museum of the Confederacy} cannot be palatable by everybody…"
(Al Hockaday during his 15 minutes of fame)

Neither is black history month palatable for everyone, neither is Martin Luther King day, and neither is the curriculum in schools!

My mother’s family is from Rockbridge County and I have visited many times. I have to tell you that the main reason I bring my friends and family to Lexington is to visit all things Confederate, from Lee Chapel to Stonewall Jackson’s grave site. My roots are deep in Virginia’s history from the Jamestown, the American Revolution, and the War Between the States. Yes, my ancestor’s fought for the Confederacy, a fact of which I am extremely proud. I would love to have a one to one discussion with the likes of

Al Hockaday and Beatrice Johnson who know absolutely nothing of historical fact, only blinded by politically correct notions. I am so sick and tired of pandering to these folks who themselves practice racism to the extreme ! They point fingers and falsely accuse any of us with Southern/Confederate heritage as being redneck racists who all have a set of sheets in our closet! Is this not " profiling " and " divisive ? " Are we only supposed to honor their history and heritage while condemning our own? They need to get a life, read "FACTUAL" history, check out the Petersburg, Va. sites for involvement of Black Confederate history. I’m sorry, I will fight with all that is in me to save what is left of my heritage and encourage all others to do the same. If Lexington bows to these racist whiners, I will never step foot in Rockbridge County again. I will encourage all other’s who make yearly visits ( reenactors, Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy, family members, historians, Civil War Round Table, Sons and Daughters of Union Veterans, etc) to do the same!

There’s big dollars in tourism that will surely be missed!

I’m fed up as I know most folks are!!!

Pam Steele
Tampa, Fl.