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In 1863 the Federal Government opened a Prison Camp to house Confederate soldiers and civilians at Point Lookout, Md. Pt. Lookout is the southern most point in Md. jutting out into the Chesapeake Bay. The prison operated for approximately 18 months during the War Between the States. The camp was designed for 10,000 occupants but actually housed 20,000+ at one time with a total of 50,000+. Because of no housing (tents), lack of food and sanitation, many 1000’s of people died while confined at Pt. Lookout.

In 1911 the Federal Government constructed a monument near the mass grave. They have 3,384 names inscribed on the monument but many more names of the known dead have not been listed.

In 1991, an organization was formed dedicated to the memory of those imprisoned as well to the historical truth through research. This organization is Point Lookout Prisoner of War Descendents Organization (PLPOW). The 500+ members hold yearly memorial services as well as reenactments of prison life. Unfortunately, the U.S. Veterans Administration forbad the group from flying a Confederate flag over the graves of the Confederate soldiers. Also, they required the organization to turn in for editing, any comments to be made at their events as well as posted a list of rules and regulations with severe penalties such as fines and imprisonment.

Needless to say we were shocked and dismayed that in our country dedicated to constitutionally guaranteed free speech, that this type of censorship was forced upon a lawful group of citizens. We consist of respectable citizens such as decorated veterans, ministers, businessmen and government workers. This led to the purchase of land adjacent to the Federal Monument and to the construction of a suitable memorial. This memorial is unparallel in scope to any other Veterans memorial in the region other than the Vietnam and WWII memorials in Washington DC.

PLPOW created a new 501c3 organization Confederate Memorial Park (CMP, Inc) to construct this memorial. Private donations from individuals and local businesses have enabled us to purchase the land, erect the flag poles and create a fitting memorial plaza. The 3rd phase of the project is the erection of the bronze statue of a full sized POW. The bronze is being created by nationally renowned sculptor Gary Casteel. Mr. Casteel is the sculptor of the Longstreet monument at Gettysburg, North Carolina Reg. at South Mountain and is currently creating the work for the National Civil War Memorial.

We need to raise $45,000 for the bronze statue within the next year. Mr. Casteel is committed to this project and has donated a substantial discount. In the interest of getting the project started, CMP has made a deposit borrowed from the bank of $25,000 to Mr. Casteel. The bronze takes 1 year to complete. Anyone interested in following the progress of the creation of the statue can log on to tentatively starting in Dec 07.

I am including additional information for you to review for your consideration of a donation to complete this project. All contributors will be recognized on our website and contributions of $2000 or more will be permanently recognized at the park. Any donation is tax deductible and would be greatly appreciated.


Jim Dunbar
Confederate Memorial Park, Inc

Checks to be made out to CMP, Inc
c/o Frank Towberman –Treasurer
P.O. Box 337
Claremont, Va 23899

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