Confederate Memorial Day ceremony
To the Editor:
Last Sunday the United Daughters of the Confederacy had a Confederate Memorial Day ceremony at Forrest Cemetery in Gadsden. Why didn`t your newspaper cover this event or any events like it for that matter?
It was a local event in the City of Gadsden covering a part of Etowah Counties history yet, you deemed it unacceptable for print. The job of a local newspaper is to cover local news & events, in this department you continue to fail miserably.
One would think that your staff are former employees of the state newspaper Pravda of the old former Soviet Union. Instead of covering local news & events that are of interest to the majority of your local readers you only publish those things you deem politically correct & acceptable to a small minority of readers & follow the politically correct party line.
This would be great if a newspapers job was to give only your personal preferences & opinions but, it’s not, its supposed to be in business to give facts on the happenings of the day in Gadsden. Perhaps your subscription rate would be higher if you ran your paper like a business.
In my area there are two local deliveries of newspapers, The Gadsden Times & The Birmingham News. I subscribe to neither for the exact same reasons, you don`t report news you try to manipulate & twist facts or outright create news based on your own liberal leanings.
In the future if I decide to subscribe to a newspaper I think I`ll see if North Korea will deliver their state ran newspaper to my front door as it will cover more actual facts than your supposed to be local newspaper, The Gadsden Times.
Billy E. Price
Ashville, Al.