Confederate Legion Founder on Video
Greetings!  You are welcome to log onboard and view the new video posted on the Confederate Legion website, which is titled "Defending Our Liberties" and can be found on URL  The video is 21/2 minutes long, in color and is accompanied by a slow rendition of Dixie!  Everyone is welcome to repost this video on other websites, MySpace and the like. My purpose is to advance the Confederate Cause in general and the Confederate Legion in particular.  I have indicated on the webpage that I am no Robert E. Lee or Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson, but I have done my best to represent the Confederacy.  This is the first vide on I’ve every made and hopefully in time I can produce one far more professional and inspiring!  Also allow me to say, many have wonder who this Ole Codger is that post all this material on several websites, well, now is your opportunity to log onboard and see for yourself.
Thomas E. Guinn