Confederate belongs in the history books



Gee, first it was the Confederate flag, now it’s the word “Confederate”? Tell me something, WHEN did the flag or the word “confederate” become so offensive? Please show me the date.

Watch the movie “Animal House” carefully and you will see that when fraternity pledge “Pinto” takes his girl up to his room during the “Toga Party”, that there is a Confederate flag on the wall of his room. I don’t remember anyone moaning and groaning about it when “Animal House” hit the theaters in 1978!?

Also, attached find photos of a friend’s fraternity flag (class of ’76). The fraternity flag is composed mostly of the Confederate battle emblem and no one was complaining.

Also attached find a picture of African American students (from his college’s African American Awareness Society), posing for a picture in front of the statue of a Confederate soldier in 1973. The black students in the picture don’t appear phased at all by its presence.

I have another friend who graduated UVA in 1986. Confederate flags were quite common among fraternities when he was in school. No complaining, no whining were noted.

Indeed, it would appear that in the not-too-distant past, the Confederate flag was simply a part of Americana and no one thought much about it. So, perhaps you and Ms. Burnett can pinpoint the date when the name “confederate”, or the confederate flag, or even “Dixie”, became oh-so-bad and oh-so-painful and oh-so-hurtful? Let’s have it, when was that date? Y’all must know something I don’t and I’m just dying to know!?

Newsflash for you – the opinions of those who don’t want all things “Confederate” to be relegated to the historical dustbin matter just as much as yours do. To “many” in the South, “Confederate” is something important, whether you agree with it or not. Where is it written that your opinion must hold sway over theirs? If you really don’t like something and it’s that “painful” for you, you always have the option to not look, go somewhere else, or in this case, attend another school. There is an old saying, one that is seldom used these days but which nonetheless still has great merit – “The world does not revolve around you!”

And yes, that one letter writer who said “…you (Ms. Burnett) were treated very well…” is absolutely correct. Until two students from the opposing team taunted her and apparently made her self-conscious, Ms. Burnett seemed to be doing just fine and she never thought twice about anything “confederate”. I submit that if her self-esteem is that impaired that she should seek professional help instead of expecting the world to change on her behalf.

As far as what other people think of your community, don’t be too worried. The only people who are going to think ill of you are:

**the people who can’t think for themselves because they have allowed others to do their thinking for them, and,

**people who come complete with axes to grind and phony grievances to air and who have forgotten the cardinal rule of life (see above, i.e., “the world does not revolve around you”)

Bill Vallante
Commack NY
Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1506 (Associate)
Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 3000 (Associate)
Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1369 (Associate)