Confederate History Month
It`s time to take off the kid gloves when dealing with liberals, yankees & the entire politically correct crowd. What I`m about to say will probably offend everyone in America but, I defy anyone to prove these facts wrong.
Every year in February when Black History month roll`s around all we see & hear in newspapers & on television is how great those people were & are & no one hassle`s them about honoring their Anti – American " heroes."
Not one person in the media ever bothers to bring up the fact that many of those civil rights organizations were organized, taught & funded by communist. Don`t believe me? Then look at all the F.B.I`s information, those facts should be all the credibility the press would need provided they themselves were not complicit in this great left-wing hoax.
Better yet, get the government to unseal ALL the F.B.I. records of Martin Luther King Jr. and let`s see if this Red is worthy of the national hero status the left has bestowed on him.
Contrast that to every April when Confederate History month comes around & there is gnashing of teeth & wailing in outer darkness by those same people. Twisting the truth about the Confederacy & everything associated with it is no longer good enough for them. Every year their lies grow bigger, more distorted & newer ones fabricated.
I suppose their ultimate goal for this de-humanization & demonizing of those who hold any shred of the Old South dear is to eventually make it acceptable to cart us all off to the gas chambers.
The truth of the matter is these attacks on our history, heritage, culture & all symbols of it is to hide & cover-up their deeper involvement with the issue of slavery & to place it all at the feet of the South thus freeing themselves of an at least equal, if not greater, responsibility for this institution existing & thriving in America to begin with.
America`s history before 1861 included the northern states complicity in legally owning slaves in their states, helping to form the American government with only white men as its founders & not one word from them at that time about wanting to free anybody`s slaves much less their own.
The reason yankees didn`t object is because they were all for white men forming a nation by white men and for white men ONLY. That government still exist while the Confederacy has been gone for over 150 years, where`s the outcry from them over this fact?
I can understand the objections of blacks to America`s early exclusion of them from society. However, I cannot understand them forming & joining left-wing communist based organizations that they would replace this government with & create a form of government that has proven its failure time & time again. Cutting their nose`s off (and ours) to spite their face neither helps nor improves their situation real or perceived.
With all its flaws the founding fathers Constitutional Republic has worked better than most & provided liberals & blacks more than any other form of government ever could and all in spite of yankee meddling & their left-handed twist in trying to fine tune it to suit their left leanings. Thank God up until now conservative Southerners have kept America`s government in balance.
If liberals & blacks were smart, instead of self-destructive, they would assimilate into this system & try to make it better instead of using Southerners in their attempts to divide it, defeat it & eventually turn it into a Socialist Communist state. Something the average American does not want north or south.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama