From: bill anthony <>
Subject: Confederate Heritage Violation ALERT!!!!
Date: Thursday, August 23, 2012


I have just been informed that Rose and Hank Sanders have been at Confederate Circle in Live Oak Cemetery all morning harassing the construction crew, and have caused them to lose a whole truck load of concrete. It is my understanding that Channel 12 is on the scene and that the incident will be broadcast on this evening’s news. As most of you know Confederate Circle is owned outright by the UDC and is the private property from which Gen. Forrest’s bust was stolen some months ago.

Our honorable Confederate military genius Gen. Forrest is being denigrated and drug through the mud by the media, and the completion of the building of the new monument and restoration of the stolen bust is being hampered by a hand full of militant, ultra-racist blacks, led by the extremist left wing, and fanatically racist, Sanders couple, and some of their family. Please forward this to all of your Confederate lists, and if anyone has the capability of recording the news this evening, please do so and advise me that you have it recorded.

Yours in the Cause of Southern Heritage,