Confederate Heritage Rally 2011
Reminder and updates
The General Organization of the SCV will be holding a nation heritage Rally each year of the Sesquicentennial of the War for Southern Independence. Below are the locations for each year
Details will be posted as they become available.

2010 – Charleston, SC- December 2010
The Confederate Heritage Trust, in partnership with the South Carolina Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, is currently in the planning stages for what will be a grand and memorable Secession play and Ball. This event will commemorate and celebrate the state of South Carolina for the second time becoming an independent nation on December 20th 1860. The evening will begin with a theatrical play recreating the Convention and the men that cast their votes to remove South Carolina from the union know as These United States. Many of the actors will be local and State celebrities and personalities.
Immediately following the play a grand ball and reception will follow with a joyous night of music, dancing, food and drink. The Charleston Gaillard auditorium will be our venue for both events. As an added bonus The State Archives and History Department will have the original Ordinance of Secession available for all to see and enjoy.
The Confederate Heritage Trust and the South Carolina Division would like to personally invite you to attend this once in a lifetime event! Please purchase tickets and sponsorships now while space is available and we look forward to seeing you there. Remember all tickets and sponsorships are tax deductable.

2011 – Montgomery, AL-February 19, 2011
It is time to mark your calender for the SCV Sesquicentennial Event to be held in Montgomery, AL on Saturday February 19, 2011. This event will feature a parade up Dexter Avenue to the Alabama State Capitol Building, a reenactment of the swearing in of President Jefferson Davis and a selection of speakers at the Capitol Building. Just like was done for the Flag Rally in 2000 in Columbia, South Carolina and for the Hunley Funeral in Charleston in 2004 – it is IMPERATIVE that this event be well attended. We must show the world that we will not permit the History and Heritage of the Confederacy to be forgotten and unobserved during the Sesquicentennial.
It is up to us to see that this history is remembered and portrayed in the right way so start planning your vist to Montgomery – organize vans and buses – so we can show the world we remember our Confederate Heroes.

2012 – Richmond, VA
2013 – Jackson, MS
2014 – Atlanta (Marietta/Kennesaw), GA
2015 – Shreveport, LA