From: Craig Maus <>
Date: Thu, Dec 1, 2011
Subject: REPLY- RE: The Confederate Government vs. Washington’s Corruption & Deceit !
To: Duly Garcia <>
Cc: "Potholeontheroad@aol. com" <>

Dear Duly,

First, let me thank you for your inquiry.

The answer to your question is rather ‘simple’,  but it is in the delivery of that ‘simplicity’ that our endeavor becomes NOT complex, but difficult.

Let me explain:

Ø  The Confederate Society of America, as an Organization, was the ONLY Organization, beginning with our inception in 1992, who was calling for the RESTORATION of our Confederate Government.

Ø  Others, Thankfully, who have come along since, have now joined with us in a Confederate Alliance and are Jointly & Collectively seeking the same.

Ø  For presuming such a position, as you might imagine, our enemy’s deliberately portrayed us (in order to silence us) as radicals, rednecks, racists, etc., etc. You know the ‘names’.

Ø  Nonetheless, and despite the enormity of the opposition confronting us, we hung in there and SUBSTANTIATED NOT only our position & contentions, but supported them & our charges by virtue of FACT, HISTORICAL ACCORD AND THRU THE ARTICULATION OF COMPARISON BETWEEN WHAT WASHINGTON HAS DONE AND WHAT OUR CONFEDERACY TRULY STOOD FOR.

Ø  Finally, but only because of what has ultimately transpired resulting from Washington’s deliberate dismantlement of the Republic, and the DIRECT impact (as predicted by us & our forbearers’) that it has had on YOU and the American people, that many are finally beginning to listen to us.

Ø  We predicted what would ultimately come and have repeatedly stated that “Washington had Stepped up their time-clock for complete and total control.”

Ø  To this end, we also saw what the Provisional Government of our Confederacy was attempting, (, beginning with their creation about 2002.

Ø  As such and as an organization, we established contact with them. (please remember they are a Government and NOT an organization & are bound by Constitutional Law & are therefore limited to what they can and cannot do)

As such, we have been and will continue to remain as THEIR vanguard doing what they are limited to by Law, but working with them to the extent that we can advance and help them with the RESTORATION PROCESS.

Ø  Having said this, let me address your question as to WHY DOESN’T THE CONFEDERACY DO SOMETHING?

Duly, before they can do anything, they MUST have Legal License to do it.

And this is where YOU and so MANY others come into play.

The RESTORATION of the Confederate Government first REQUIRES it to be re-established (Restored).

In order for that to Happen, the Confederate Congress MUST be re-seated in order for its Laws & Country to become OFFCIAL once again.

That requires a Confederate Citizenry.

NO Government can exist without a Citizenry and ours is NO different.

From the People, thru Confederate Citizenry, will come THEIR/YOUR Delegates who will appoint an Official Interim Confederate Government until National elections can be officially held.

This is what the Provisional Government is attempting at present. It is merely acting as the conduit for this to happen OFFICIALLY.

This is the necessary and required action under our Constitution, in order for the Official Confederate Government to be RESTORED.

This is WHY it is so IMPORTANT for one and all to realize the SIGNIFICANCE & IMPORTANCE that it was NEVER SURRENDERED by President Davis.


That is WHY Washington WANTED those Letters of Surrender so Badly from Our President who was Wise Enough to Understand the IMPORTANCE of NOT DOING SO….for they would have CLOSED THE DOOR ON US FOREVER!!!

Ø  Therein, ALL LAWS relative to OUR Confederacy & the Country she represented, will be REINSTATED, as well as those Original State Constitutions that were in existence Prior to 1865.

Ø  As such, ALL those Laws that the Washington Demagogue has created and passed allowing them their station over us thru the dismantlement of our Republic, as mentioned, will become NULL & VOID.


Ø  It is that simple Duly but it is in the attempt of this delivery, as mentioned, where it is difficult, but NOT complex. People will make this so… or NOT.

Ø  I believe God has provided them with a solution, providing they seek His course.

Ø  We always knew the day would come when the People would be forced to deal with Washington’s true intentions because they would be impacted by their collective actions.

Ø  That DAY Duly, has come and has been in the making for some 150 years.

Ø  ALL that you thought you knew, owned or were ever part of….has been taken from you!

YOU and MANY, MANY others MUST become Confederate Citizen’s.


There is NO COST to YOU or ANY in so doing as the Provisional Government is paying for any and all costs involved.

All YOU, or ANY need to do, is simply apply ( a Citizen request Form can be downloaded from the Government’s website, ), sent in to the National Registrar (Mr. William Patterson @ ) and YOU will receive a Validated Citizen’s Certificate acknowledging YOURSELF  as a Confederate Citizen.

Ø  Mr. Patterson is overwhelmed and is presently seeking QUALIFIED Individuals to act as State Registrar’s within the Original 13 Confederate States to ACTIVELY sign up Citizens. I would encourage ANY & ALL to contact Mr. Patterson ASAP in order to discuss & advance as time is of the essence.

Ø  Our Constitution requires us to amass at least 1 % of the current State Populations within SEVEN of the Original 13 States ( CONFEDERATE CITIZENS ) in order for an Official Quorum that is necessary to hold a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION, wherein the Delegates YOU ELECT will be sent to RE-SEAT the Official Confederate Government as mentioned.

Washington has been advancing their Web of Deceit just as we have described and spoken of.

We have and will continue to provide you with the evidence thru Historical Comparison and encourage one and all to become Members of the Society ( so our EFFORTS may be continued as ALL Monies received from Membership go DIRECTLY to the Cause and towards our Confederate War Chest.

They, Washington, are CLOSING the DOORS, and rather quickly, in every aspect of EVERYONE’S FREEDOMS & LIBERTY while painting or describing it ‘IN YOUR OR THIS NATION’S NATIONAL INTERESTS’.

Their Patriot Act, as but ONE example of many serves as NO better example, and the THEFT thru manipulation of YOUR MONEY thru a Socialized methodology of TAXATION allows them the basis to further their schemes via advanced and more Demonic Legislative Controls & Laws, based upon their previous ‘Ones’, rendering one and all Indentured Servants to a worldwide Oligarchy they subscribe to in total.

They will now embark on further capitulation of YOUR money thru their Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund that will marry America to the One World European Union that will serve as yet another nail in America’s coffin.

The Barney Frank- Chris Dodd Bill that was passed, supposedly with the American People’s ‘Banking Welfare’ in mind, is an absolute JOKE OF THAT DECEIT WE DESCRIBE!

Maxine Waters (please see her SALVATE on U-Tube wherein she lets the cat out of the bag) is already ‘gurgling’ and can’t wait to jumps into Barney’s seat as Chairman of Their House Ways & Means Committee, as it is the Clear Intention of that Bill TO DESTROY THE LOCAL BANKS AND PUT ALL CONTROL OF THE ENTIRE BANKING SYSTEM INTO THE HANDS OF CHASE(Morgan), Goldman, CITI, & BANK of AMERICA to name but a few….yes, THE SAME ONE’S THAT your TAX MONEY bailed out because they ‘WERE TOO BIG TO FAIL’.

As we Confederates have been pleading with one and all to understand- CONNECT THE DOTS of HISTORY as they relate to the Political, Economic and Social-Cultural alterations that have followed routinely and systematically ever since April, 1865.

I have blind copied others herein Duly as it is IMPORTANT they read my reply to you.

The America YOU and others ‘THINK’ YOU knew and were part of is…..sadly, NO MORE !!!

And the quicker YOU Connect the Dots and come to the stark reality of that which has been done to you and the manner in which YOU have been literally primed for slaughter, the BETTER YOUR CHANCES AND THAT FOR YOUR FAMILY’S will be FOR SURVIVAL AND to THRIVE WITHIN A CONFEDERATE REPUBLIC!

America has been stripped and ravaged, Duly, by Washington….and they long ago set a course that will deliver this Nation and her People into the Darkest Corners of their worst nightmare!

Our Confederacy realized it then— just as our Confederacy’s offspring understand it today.

It is to that end, that YOU NOW have a chance to alter that Course… but the window is narrowing as Washington is meticulously Growing their Power along with their counter-parts who they have conspired with across this globe.

I sincerely hope that you and others have benefitted from this explanation and hope that you become a Confederate Citizen or members of this Society.

I would equally encourage ANY & ALL to share OUR Communications with one and all for as cliché as it may sound, it’s…..

One for All and All for One.

Thank you and God Bless.

‘When the Southern Confederacy Lost, so TOO did TWO Country’s…but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time’


Craig Maus,
Humble president, The Confederate Society of America
Deo Vindice!


From: Duly Garcia

[] Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2011
To: Craig Maus
Subject: Re: Washington’s Corruption & Deceit- it will NEVER End!

Good Evening Craig,

I’ve been reading all your emails that you have been sending out and sitting here asking myself WHAT THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS…?

I comprehend all your words and I have studied the history that you have been stating in all your messages. Sir, you are 100% correct in all your statements, but again WHY DOESN’T THE CONFEDERACY DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS INSANITY…?

Awaiting your reply sir and wanting to know how much longer are we to wait around until something is done already to return the rightful place of the Confederacy.

Best Regards,

Duly Garcia


From: Craig Maus <>
To: "semmes11@csnavy. org" <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Subject: Washington’s Corruption & Deceit- it will NEVER End!

Confederate Commentary:

(hundreds bcc herein- permission to forward)

As the ‘political flames’ consuming America grow larger, & borne from an Ideology that was unleashed upon us more than 150 years ago, it becomes more obvious and more evident that our days are indeed numbered.

The entire structure once associated with this Republic is gone, and with it ANY understanding & comprehension necessary to have saved it, thanks in part to the Empire’s National Education Department.

This Federal Government, by wanton design & subsequent  implementation, has created the ultimate Nanny State.

The American people, over the last 50 years particularly, have been raised like children & ‘cultivated’ much in the same fashion as herds and sheeple.

Entitlements became a measure in which Washington’s Political Ideology was advanced & at the expense and well-being of this Republic.

It would take time for the ‘dumbing down’ to be completed, and running concurrent with that process was a variety of social & cultural alterations that were equally ‘injected’ into the Republic’s artery in order to advance & complete a TRANSFORMATION that now stands before everyone.

Come one and come all… as ‘All Boundary’s’ once associated with the protection of these Shores of Sovereignty were sold out lock, stock and barrel by a two party Duopoly that long ago played fast and loose with each and every one of us.

Washington has created the ultimate Central Machine that runs every aspect of this Country.

From the Special Interest Groups up to and including the Titans of the New World Order beginning with the Rockefellers, Morgan’s and Rothschild’s, who have manipulated every aspect of this Country’s dynamics ranging from energy, oil, healthcare, banking, media and more, & from which their tentacles have taken everything from us.

They control it all and whenever they have remotely gotten in trouble, whether it be the Depression of the 20’s caused by their Federal Reserve System, We the People, have bailed them out in one form or another- either thru War ( # II) or thru the theft of our taxpayer money.

And afterwards, but always at our expense, they always restructure themselves and….simply move on to the next time but NOT before hardship and loss is realized by each and every one of us.

And to this day & because of what they have done & created, most would characterize the Confederate as a ‘Rebel or Slaver’ for having had the courage, foresight & temerity to fight them in an attempt to prevent this, & their madness from ever occurring.

And now, and just as we Confederates have been telling you, their same Federal Reserve System has printed some additional 7- TRILLION DOLLARS and ‘exported’ that money overseas and to those Banks owned and operated by the Power Brokers of this World as noted above…..7- TRILLION DOLLARS…. that is above and beyond the current Federal Deficit of $$$ 15 TRILLION DOLLARS.



And now, the current Federal Emperor, Barack Hussein Obama, who sits as their CEO in charge, is brokering a deal in Europe that will save the EURO thru the IMF (International Monetary Fund).

He’s over there with his entire entourage- including ‘your’ Secretary of State Clinton and ‘your’ Senate Majority Leader- Harry Reid along with many others who ‘make the Laws’ in this National Empire’s Democracy that force you to subsidize this insanity.

And, as they play Pretend in ‘Representing’ you and your interests in Washington, another TRILLION or TWO will be taken from you to re-build that which they created, the European Union, much in the same manner as we rebuilt Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, Goldman, err, Government Sachs and so on and so forth thru their “Too Big To Fail” gimmick that resulted in Stimulus, Son of Stimulus, Tarp and all the other landmines that was going to put us back to work and re-start the economy.

As P.T. Barnum said- ‘’A Sucker is Borne Every Day.”

They will have you believe, as you will see, that this is necessary and crucial because Europe is critical to OUR Economy and thus the Federal cavalry must charge in like they have just about everywhere in the world… because our ‘National Security’ warrants it.

Believe that and we Confederates have some real cheap Swamp Land we can sell you for penny’s on the dollar……but it’s ‘good swamp land’ !

And They Dare Tell You That it’s in YOUR Best Interests!

When did the Fox ever have the Chickens Interests at Heart?

And let us NOT forget that Barney Frank, the Mastermind of so many Socialist Acts of Legislative failures, like the Housing Bubble he created because he and President Clinton wanted to ‘Relax’ the qualifications for buying a home so ANYONE & EVERONE could own one, (VOTES), is now stepping down and will not run for re-election.

Gee, what a surprise…. but look at who we will get to replace him as the ‘ranking Democrat’ in charge of the Powerful House Ways & Means Committee….you know, the guys who control the MONEY- none other than Maxine Waters of the Congressional Black Caucus who said, the Tea Party can “go straight to hell.”

You know what she’s all about and where she will want YOUR money to go!

Remember the ole days when you had to have skin in the game so everyone was protected?

That is why YOUR house and its value in now in the toilet and just wait until those guys at Bank of America, Chase, CitiBank & others un-load ALL those foreclosures onto the open market that they’ve been sitting on while they have been re-building their leger & balance sheets with OUR money… it’s estimated that our homes will decrease in value by at least another 25%.

So Barney, like his buddy in the Senate before him, Chris Dodd, who rode off into the sunset in the last election (Retired) with an $85,000 a year pension and the kind of medical coverage that only they are entitled to, will GET THE SAME…for his stellar activity’s as a member of the District of Criminals during his ‘distinguished career’.

He will live in peace & tranquility with his alternate partner, the same one who was running a prostitution ring out of THEIR house who was given a high-end paying job with one of those Freddie Mac or Fanny Mae outfits (I forget which one) that Barney and company played fast and loose with.

Still Thinking YOU are in Charge???

Still Thinking YOU have a Representative Government???

Still Thinking this is a Country of The People, By the People and For the People???

cause if you do, you’re probably smoke’en some of that medically approved Concha that puts Happy Thoughts in your head where Reality & Gray Matter were once Housed.

Look it- this National Empire has created a ‘Ship of Entitlements’ knowing and understanding full well that if they could give MOST a free-ride that that, in of itself, would guarantee their perpetuity and control.

It was done by design and NOT because of HUMAN COMPASSION.

Everyone wanted that Luxury accommodation on ‘A’- Deck with the ocean view and private balcony but only wanted to pay ‘D’-Deck prices.

And the Feds knew this & made it entirely possible OVER TIME.

However, as it is with MOST things, many will always ‘look the other way’ when being given ALL these free-bees via unprecedented levels of extortion & manipulation.

But, if they were to look at the name upon which this Ship of Entitlement and their A-Deck cabin is located on,  & read its name on the forward side of the bulkhead….do you think they may have ALL been less inclined to ‘take the ride’, as it reads:


It’s over folk’s and the Country you knew is NEVER going to be ‘Returned to You’ through, at, or in the ‘voting booth’.

The fix has been in ever since 1865!

And the ONLY way in which YOU can ever expect or hope for your Republic to be restored, is when you come to grips with reality and realize that:

The Confederate Republic Must be Restored if YOU Hope to Make it and Survive.

‘When the Southern Confederacy Lost, so Too Did Two Country’s…but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time!

Craig Maus,
President, The Confederate Society of America & Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Staunch Supporters Endorsing the Full Restoration of America’s Confederate Republic that has Never Surrendered!
Deo Vindice!

Become a Confederate Citizen- see
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God Help us All!