Confederate Friendly Candidates


Alabama Runoff July 15

Harri Anne Smith – Alabama – 2nd Congressional Race

Harri Anne Smith is proud have Confederate ancestors and she is very proud of her family members who fought for Southern Independence. They fought in the 9th Alabama Regiment that was out of Mobile. She has always been a supporter of State’s rights and has stood for that belief in the Alabama Senate. She has even said during the campaign for Congress that power should be taken out of Washington and returned to the States, where it was meant to be in the first place.

Lucie McLemore – Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals.

Lucie McLemore’s ancestor, David Pope from Dale County, Alabama, served as a private in the Georgia Infantry. He was one of 7 sons of Jesse Pope—all sons served in the Confederate Army. Three brothers made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives. Lucie’s mother, Rena Pope Underwood, served 3 years as President of the Cradle of the Confederacy Chap.94, United Daughters of the Confederacy and served as Director of the Jefferson Davis District, United Daughters of the Confederacy. Today, Lucie McLemore is proud of her southern heritage, and proudly waves the Confederate Flag.

Matt Chancey, for Alabama Public Service Commission President.

Matt has been a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and been active in promoting our heritage. His family got a lot of attention in the Confederate world for taking care of the last widow of the Confederacy. Dr. Ken Chancey a dentist from Enterprise, Alabama, Matt’s dad, was the power of attorney of Mrs. Alberta Martin, the last Confederate widow. Dr. Chancey took Mrs. Martin to Confederate events across the south, where she was a heroine and celebrity. Her funeral was a lavish affair, complete with period mule-drawn wagon and Confederate honor guard. For the last widow, the Sons of the Confederacy gave her a profound hurrah for her funeral. The inscription on her tombstone was written by Matt Chancey.

Georgia Primary July 15

Congressman Paul Broun – Georgia

Georgia’s 10th District. Congressman Broun has proven to be a steadfast maverick Congressman, standing for the people and against special interest groups. Liberals from the Atlanta Chamber are apparently bank rolling his opponent to remove Paul Broun. Congressman Broun was supported by Georgia Confederate leaders in his first election.

Jerry Powell – County Commissioner Montgomery County, Georgia

Jerry Powell proudly waves our flag and is running as a Democrat in the July 15 Georgia Primary.

Bobby Reece – Georgia House of Representatives, Gwinnett District 90 Stands for the people and politically incorrect.

Bob Conley – US Senate South Carolina

Moderate to conservative Republicans should know this – not only is Conley for small government, low taxes, reduced spending, energy independence, a strong defense, increased veterans benefits, gun rights, protecting the unborn and a return to Constitutional government – but when it comes to the ongoing, national tragedy of illegal immigration, Conley is dead right and Graham is dead wrong.

Agreeing with SC Republicans like Mark Sanford and Glenn McConnell, Conley believes employers who hire illegal aliens should be punished and that our borders must be secured immediately. Graham does not. We can’t afford that.

By promoting amnesty for illegal aliens Graham sold out this state, turned his back on his own constituents and added insult to injury by calling them “bigots” in front of the National Council of La Raza.

In short, SC simply cannot afford Lindsey Graham. Bob Conley is a conservative Democrat.

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For US President

If George Wallace were alive today he would say, Hillary, Obama, and John McCain are 3 peas in a pod. Shake them up, and it does not matter which one comes out. They are all alike.

John McCain says Confederate Flag is racist. McCain is as politically correct as any liberal Democrat. Have we forgotten the lesson from George Wallace, "There is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Republican and Democrat Parties” Translating that today, "There is not a dime’s worth of difference between John McCain and Hillary or Obama.

McCain expressed regret that he honored politics over principle. Personally, he believes that flying the flag over the Capitol is wrong, as it deeply offends so many blacks. In 1983, when I was brand-new in the Congress, I voted against the recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King. That was a mistake, OK? And later I had the chance to … help fight for … the recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King as a holiday in my state." McCain called the Confederate flag "offensive" and "a symbol of racism and slavery," We do not need a liberal Republican like John McCain with a wrapped mind, who has a record of actively pushing the liberal agenda Amnesty to gun control.

John McCain, the son of a Confederate Veteran has become a Judas and betrayed the faith.

Confederates other patriots protest against John McCain in Columbia, South Carolina. The Confederate battle flag is seen quite a lot in the video. Check it out!

Chuck Baldwin – President Constitution Party

Chuck Baldwin is proud of our Confederate Flag

Chuck Baldwin has just been nominated for President of the United States by the Construction Party. Chuck is known for being politically incorrect and that tradition is on his web site as the proudly proclaims heritage of the Confederate Flag. Chuck Baldwin was the Vice-Presidential nominee for the Constitution Party in 2004. He is expected to be on the ballot in about 40 states. He is the ideal candidate for those who cannot stand the liberalism and political correctness of John McCain. Look at Chuck Baldwin’s web site, see his public support for our flag. Learn more at

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