From: Sgt James –
Date: Mon, Nov 29, 2010
Subject: Confedrate Flag Paper
To:, HK Edgerton –, Mike Martin –, Joe Bostwick –, "SLRC (SLRC)" –, AC Griffith –, kenn –,,

Dear leaders,
If you are not aware of it I am writing a research paper for a class called World Literature. The name of the paper being "Defending the Confederate flag".

Today at school my teacher told me "At first I thought you were crazy, but now I’m a believer." (Not to put words in his mouth but I believe he said "I’m Total/100% believer", but I’ll stick to what my head is saying). The purpose of this e-mail is to aware you all of what I’m doing for our forgotten, and abused heritage. Once my paper is graded and finished I will began to pass it on, by printing a number of copies. I think this would be a major move for us in Chicago, coming from a fifteen year old African American-hopefully.
P.S. If you got this message, and you have no concern with the topic let me know, or simply just play right along, you choose.  If you are apart of the topic(Southern Heritage) please give me responses, And suggestions for the paper. Please forward this message  I fill as if I left out many people. Please Respond.
For the South!!!
Thank You all,
James E. Frazier Jr.