Confederate Flag Incident
Thank you for recently taking the time to sign our petition regarding the removal of Confederate Flags from Pine Hill Cemetery in Auburn, Alabama.  As expected Dowdell was not charge with any crime. The Auburn council and mayor condemned his actions and quickly put this issue behind them. Like many of you I am outraged that a warrant was not signed by the witnesses. I can not help but wonder if they caved to political pressure to remain silent..  
So what is our next step?  If you live in Alabama I invite you to join the Constitution party of Alabama.  You may do so by going to our website and filling out the membership application.  I know many of you are against the political party system and I share your sentiments. As state party chairman, I promise to work tirelessly with our Alabama members to find candidates who will not be scared to uphold the law or cave to outside forces.  We were the only state party to issue a statement on this action and it went completely ignored by the two major machines. You can rest assure if the roles were reversed we would have every news media covering this story and the subjects would have been prosecuted.
If you reside outside Alabama or maybe you still reluctant to join our fight please consider donating to our state party.   The Constitution Party has affiliates in every state and I urge you all to get involved.  May God Bless and again I thank you all.
We Dare Defend Our Rights,
Joshua Cassity
Constitution Party of Alabama