VMFA- The Confederate Chapel, and Arlington House and Cemetery

Thursday – August 28, 2014

Posted by "Jerryd14 -The War – The Confederate Flag – Southern People and our History"

The Confederate veterans had many days of joy and laughter on the acres of ground along the Boulevard in Richmond, Virginia as visitors would come and sometimes music was played and dances took place there. These old men and their family and friends were a gift to Richmond in that the citizens could see and touch the many who lived out their sunset years on that property. Their are many photos of events there, the soldiers, and most were so very humble and gentlemanly it is reported, as I never was there while they were alive. I have heard many first hand stories of the picnics out under the old shade trees there on the Old Robinson farm, and the many discussions about battles and things and people these men would speak about. I can only imagine the joy of listing to them. As in so many cases this property and the caretakers aged away and the land eventually became land of the State of Virginia, and instead of memorializing it all, they instead kept the Robinson house and the Confederate chapel as historic sites, and began to allow several other groups to construct other facilities on this land while maintaining the Robinson house and the Confederate Memorial chapel. Unfortunately, as with many things, in the beginning of this process moat everyone was Southern and Virginian and no one considered that in time the Carpet Bagger heathens would show up a nudge themselves into jobs and slowly take control of certain key positions and then undermine all the intentions of the  founders and those who were intending on the honor, respect and love for the Confederate veterans and their descendents to be continued on. No, that got railroaded by the Liberals, as they have done all they can so far to make this place neutral rather than Confederate, as they cowardly forced the SCV who has a lease on the Chapel to take the two Confederate battle flags down or loose the lease. THIS WAS NEVER ENVISIONED, AND THIS IS NOT ALL THEY WILL DO AS TIME GOES ON, MARK IT DOWN, IT IS STEP BY STEP, BOARD BY BOARD, BRICK BY BRICK as they dismantle our history. We, all who love the South and their ancestors must resist, protest, make telephone calls to the VMFA, and join the flaggers out on the sidewalks to keep the protest going as long as it takes. When I think of this I cannot help but to think of an earlier nasty despicable act by a Yankee military man, Montgomery Meigs. This no good rotten bastard illegally went on the private property that was owned by Robert E. Lee, at his wife’s family house and land that became General Lees, and ransacked and damaged the private residence, stole furniture and art among other things, defaced the building structure, and began burying the dead from the war in Mrs. Lee’s rose garden. This was wrong, and once again, demonstrates the very attitude of a Yankee, a person who has no humanity, or decency, or love of God. There was no military need to do this, no benefit to winning the war, oh no, it was meanness, cruel, shameless Yankees doing what they do best, destroying things that are good.

Earlier before the war, Captain Meigs was involved with the construction of the U.S. Capitol dome, under Architect Thomas Walter. Meigs, had copper plates with his name cut out in large openings about 6? high placed between the cast iron stairs up in the dome, and signed his name on drawings that were done by Thomas Walter. He was a ego maniac, among numerous other names I could use here. But just know, this is the kind of man the South found itself fighting against.

So, today, these same bastards and their loud, pushy ways affront anyone who is mild mannered, gentle, or nice, as they are the face of UN-NICE and have been this way sine immigrating to America, Oh how I wish the War had been won by the South, knowing what I know now.

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