There are some persistent and frequently reoccurring and often beneficial side-effects of having Confederate blood flowing in your veins.

First is the tendency to want to wear gray clothes, red shirts and gray Confederate Uniforms, often associated with this is the annoying habit of flying some Confederate national, battle unit or Confederate State flag. This occurs in about 95% of those with Confederate blood equally striking both ladies and gentlemen (male and females “guys” for those of you who are yankee’s).

Second is the incurable desire to sing Dixie at sports events, school concerts and, in a respectable tone, at funerals of those who love their State and the South.

Third is the ability to see through the smoke and mirrors dog and pony show of socialist politicians, indoctrinators, re-educators, psychologists and other idiots and laugh at those who want you to vote for the lesser idiot at the polls.

Fourth is an allergic reaction to the singing of the Battle Hymn of the Republic which can cause embarrassing gas, an almost irresistible desire to stand up and rebuke those singing it, a generally disagreeable attitude that may last for hours or days and the desire to have your name removed from any church which gleefully sings this tribute to the death of Southerner’s because it does not have a devotional life close enough to God to alert them that this is not a Christian hymn.

Fifth is the ability to still recognize social and political monsters when you see one. This skill is lost by those who celebrate their secular social values, but have no fixed moral boundaries which causes a permanent state of moral flux and confusion leading them to embrace a goofy notion of modernity.

Finally is the persistent and reoccurring dream of one day living in a free republic.
~ American Dissident, 1/23/2012, Tim Manning