The Confederate Battle Flag

By Leon Puissegur

The Confederate Battle Flag, never has one flag been attacked by so many parts of society. This flag was NEVER intended to be abused by those with evil thoughts of secular societies. Actually the Confederate Battle Flag was conceived on the battlefield of First Bull Run by General P.G.T.Beauregard a General from St. Bernard Parish in the Southeast part of Louisiana. From the time it was first used in battle to the end of the War Between the States, this flag held an honor of those who fought under it and with it.

It was not until late in 1956 that the Confederate Battle Flag was used by unethical groups at the encouragement of Northern reporters seeking front-page coverage of what was going on in the South. It may have been a coincidence that the Confederate Battle Flag was seen during the integration movement, or a very well planned event by those who did not care for or like the people of the South. It was at this time that President Dwight D Eisenhower signed a proclamation to celebrate the history of the War Between the States. This was also the same time that the “Civil Rights” movement began, another coincidence or a very well planned event?

During the 60’s to the 90’s the Confederate Battle Flag was abused by many groups whom had thoughts contrary to the main line citizen. These “fringe” groups abused the flag to garner support while at the same time destroying the honor the flag held. It was due to these groups such as the KKK, Aryan Nations, Hitler groups, Skin Heads and so on that gave a bad name to the Confederate Battle Flag. Now instead of attacking those groups who abused this flag, people are attacking the flag itself for reasons of which the flag does not represent.

Now comes the year 2000 and on, the Confederate Battle Flag has been abused and cursed by those outside of the South so much that what they say seems to be the truth. This is just what those of Communist ideals would like people to believe. Now our very government itself rather then stay outside of this dilemma enter it with a “politically correct” idea of what the flag really means. To these people the Confederate Battle Flag has no place in American history, it is from a group of people whom some have called traitors. Now let the FACTS be known.

The Confederate Battle Flag has been abused by groups such as the KKK, Aryan Nation, Skin Heads, Nazi Party, and so on, but of these groups, only the Nazi Party does not also use the flag of the United States. Many say the Confederate Battle Flag represents slavery; this is so far from the truth that it should NEVER be taken as true. To begin with the Confederate Battle Flag was designed to save lives on the battlefield. It was honored during and after the War Between the States, it was not until the late 1950’s and early 1960’s that the Confederate Battle Flag was labeled as a flag of slavery, because it NEVER was. The reason it was labeled that way was to gain support for the racial problems built by people from the North coming into the South and saying things needed to change. Has anyone ever wondered why integration started in the South? That was because the North did not want it to start up there; they wanted the South to be shown for what they laid claim to what it was.

Much of what is said about slavery is done to divert direction of what really happened, that being the United States and England were the principles responsible for the origin of slavery and the growth of slavery. England controlled slavery in the Americas for 155 years, then the United States controlled slavery for another 89 years. Yet if you listen to those who defame the Confederate Battle Flag and the South, it was started and grown in the South only. That is the biggest misdirection play of the entire life of the New World. Using that idea, some with little knowledge or mentality are led to believe that the South was responsible for the growth of and importation of slavery. Slaves were brought through the ports in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Philadelphia, and Rohde Island this is a fact that is seldom told because those who belittle the South want you to believe that the South was responsible for it all, that is not so, the North was responsible for the importation of slaves and they made money off of the trade. Many have heard of the rum trades, which was started with slave trading and done in the North. These are all facts presented to you, if you love the South, do what you can to keep our beloved Confederate Battle Flag flying from all places. If we do not keep it flying, we will lose it for all time. It is up to you to preserve our HERITA