Confederate Battle Flag
Dear Elizabeth,
I do not understand your rationale that the CBF be hidden from public view.
After the U.S. invaded and conquered Puerto Rico, the Puerto Ricans were denied their right to publicly display the Puerto Rican flag until the Honorable Pres. Harry S Truman allowed them to do so after 50 years.
If the Puerto Ricans were allowed to finally display their heritage after 50 years, then it only stands to reason that folks of Southern persuasion be permitted to express their heritage by proudly displaying the Confederate Battle Flag 150 years later.
We may have been beaten by greater numbers and equipment, but should our heritage of devotion, even in spirit, to the cause of Southern Independence be crushed by the victors and their scalawag allies 150 tears after the fact?
The Bible says to ‘honor thy father and thy mother ‘, which suggests that we also honor their fathers and mothers and so on….Take a moment to look up Lake City Chief of Police Argatha Gilmore and the honorable Nelson Winbush.
These honorable Blacks have not succumbed to the distortions heaped upon us.
By the way, have you taken the time to notice the Black soldier depicted on the nearly 100 year old Confederate Memorial in Arlington Natl. Cemetery?
Will they try to cover up the African – Southern contribution to the Confederacy next?
If we give in to those who try to suggest that there is something ‘ wrong ‘ with displaying the CBF, then what will be next?
Will they want to bulldoze over our ancestors gravesites, also?
Will they want the Mississippi State flag removed from the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.?
Will they want the Florida State Senate to remove the CBF from the senate seal?
Will they want to remove the CBF from the stained window at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.? What next?
Why does no one complain about the fasces (see: Fascism), on the legs of Lincolns seat at the Lincoln Memorial?
I’d prefer to draw the line in the sand and tell ’em to stop where they are.
We’ve had and heard enough.
By the way, oddly enough, the Republican Party (who engineered the destruction of the South) has chosen to have their convention in the culturally diverse city of Tampa, where the world’s largest. 40′ X 70′ CBF flies alongside I-75. The Republicans have apparently moved past their disdain for the South; When will you?  
Chas. Hickman
Ft. Myers, Fla.