Saturday Evening, March 22nd, Tampa, Florida
6:30 check in 7 p.m. dinner and program
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The History Channel would lead us to believe that the Mongols, the Romans or the Greeks had the greatest fighting force ever assembled….but Ed Butler says “hogwash”. And he plans to tell us why! Raised on the first person accounts of not one but 3 Confederate Cavalrymen, Ed grew up loving the stories about the Confederacy and their brave and loyal devotion to the Cause. These men, unlike the other great armies, were raised from farmers, from bankers, lawyers, teachers and tailors. They were melded, molded and hardened like steel, and despite overwhelming odds, kept the Yankee hoard restrained for 4 years.

Although he grew up loving the stories of his Confederate great grandfather and great granduncles, Ed, like many others we know, was “too busy” to join the Sons of Confederate Veterans, but finally in the ‘90’s he felt he had the time, and after attending a Division Reunion in Franklin, Tennessee, became ‘on fire’ for his heritage. He began researching, reading, and eventually speaking about the bravery and heroism of our boys in Gray. He went on to become Commander of the Dillard—Judd Camp #1828 in Cookeville, and a Division officer. He’s traveled around Tennessee speaking about Confederate armed forces. He has even been targeted by the Southern Poverty Law Center as someone to watch. That makes him A-Ok in our book! Please plan to attend this once in a life time program by the man from Tennessee on Saturday, March 22nd!

Please pass this along to anyone who is a prospective member or is interested in the War Between the States of Military History!

Lunelle Siegel
Rebmaster and Early Report Editor
Gen Jubal A. Early
Camp #556
Sons of Confederate Veterans