Confederate Southern Americans


Our Southern friend Kirk Lyons at the SLRC is legally correct and morally correct in seeking the recognition of Confederate Southern Americans. We are a separate and distinct people with the kind of distinctiveness’es that outlasts the domination of empire rule. We are a conquered people whose children have been indoctrinated in the schools of the empire for generations since our initial subjugation, and we are still distinctively Southern.

The South surrendered it’s military but not its government nor its unique culture. Northerners almost always are recognizing this when they ask, "Don’t you know that the war is over?" "Yes," I often respond, "We surrendered our swords after our military and the men of the South suffered a 50% casualty rate, but we did not surrender our culture, our Christian faith and our sense of duty. We still believe that the South was right and the United States was wrong and that the continent of North America is not better for having the South lose the war."

It is a popular over-simplification for people to say, and they often do, that the South is a Celtic culture. Our culture is a uniquely distinctive culture which developed during the 17th through the 19th centuries and is made-up of the "ways" of Celts, Germans, French, Saxons, Jews, Hispanics, Native Americans and others. During the aggressive civil strife of the Radical Republicans during the 1860’s there were Celts who lived in the Deep North, New England, who reflected the nasty culture and personality which had come to be known as "Yankee."

Yankee ways were in sharp contrast to the ways of Southerners. The South had clearly developed a lasting distinctiveness that had come to be commonly known and accepted through the Southern States and there were distinctive differences from one Southern State to another and in some cases from one Southern community to another. Visiting English journalists wrote much about how the South differed from New England, especially noticing how much more tolerant and accepting Southerners were in dealing with people from diverse cultures.

Even today, Southerners distastefully tolerate the likes of the Massachusetts Kennedy’s, the Connecticut Bush’es and the other control, warlike, and socialist interventionist freaks who dominate today’s U.S. political parties. Politics today are still largely sectional with the South surprisingly unified in its opposition to northern liberalism.

Political issues the Deep North supports, the South rejects. The Deep North was called by Southerners the "land of the long-haired and short-haired women," a euphemism of the day that referred to the unusually high number and acceptance of homosexuals in the north. Homosexual marriage is a northern socialist and agnostic political issue as well as abortion being used as a common practice of birth control as when my northern acquaintances say they have "had a recreational accident." This is how they marginalize the atrocity of abortion and infanticide.

Radical social and political activists in the Deep North were burning copies of the U.S. Constitution in the streets in the 1860’s while Southerners were seceding from being a member State of the United States of America in order to preserve "government by the consent of the governed" and the original meaning and concepts of the U.S. Constitution.

To the peoples of the past ancient empires, their subjugated nations appeared to be "reconciled" to their new futures. This is always the tainted, wishful, subjective and destructive view of conquerors and their emperors. I am amazed that years of brain-washing through government sponsored and controlled schools, the media and entertainment industries has left any Southern child with some pride in the South and with a continuing and ready resistance to the empire builders.

By the grace of God many of us are still uniquely Southern and have not bowed our knees to the great centralized socialist state. And, by His Grace, we shall remain true to our faith in God and honour those who resisted overwhelming military force.

Deo Vindice.

Tim D. Manning
Virginia Division Chaplain
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Executive Director
North Carolina Heritage Foundation
160 Longbridge Drive
Kernersville, North Carolina 27284-6333
(336) 420-5355

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