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Some of you here may be familiar with an old Yahoo group of mine known as onfederate American.  Well, due to uncorrectable problems caused by Yahoo, I am going to have to shut down this group.  However, in its place I have created a new group for those members who wish to continue discussions about our Confederate heritage in a meaningful way.  In order to avoid the problems we had with the old group, this new group will be more closely moderated.  Postings will have to be more on topic.   I assure you, they will be free of spam.  I think that this will make the group more interesting and of greater value to the members who are sincerely interested in our theme, which is our Confederate heritage.

This new group is dedicated to Americans who are proud of their Confederate heritage. We welcome all who seriously identify with this theme and want to share their thoughts and feelings about what it means to them to be a part of such a proud heritage. They know who they are:  the ones who stand and sing along whenever Dixie is played; the ones who fly the Confederate Flag 24/7, and not just on Confederate holidays; the ones who actually know the truth about our Southern history and not just the lies in the Yankee textbooks. They are the ones who take their heritage, history and culture seriously and are not willing to stand idly by and watch it be slandered and distorted by historical
revisionists. It is to these proud Americans that this group is truly dedicated.

I invite you to come and join us in the discussions about our Confederate heritage and history at this new group. If you have pictures of your participation in heritage events such as reenactments, parades, grave dedications, etc., then you may post them to our photo section.  There is also all the other standard features of Yahoo Groups which you can use to share any material that you may have.  The only thing I ask, is that all of your postings be on topic, which, as stated, is about our Confederate heritage. Posters of spam, off topic or inappropriate material are not welcome here, and will be quickly shown the door should they manage to get in.  You may join this new group by clicking on the link below:

Confederate American Pride @ Yahoo! Groups

Thank you for your support of our Confederate heritage.

For a free South,
K. Steven Monk
Moderator, Confederate American Pride @ Yahoo Groups