Confederacy is our best hope
Why do I call myself acivilwarjunkie and not a War Between the States or War for Southern Independence  or War of Northern Aggression junkie?
It is patently obvious that there "Civil War" was nothing of the kind. Yet, if I am to present my Southern views and sympathy to individuals who have been deceived by revisionist history, they can only relate to the term "Civil War"
My native State of Missouri seceded from the Union because the Constitution had been ignored and conditions become unbearable.  As the third largest cotton growing State, the Federal Government had made life onerous for its citizens.
Today, once again, life is being made onerous not only for us Missourians, but for all Southern people.
I’m 65 years old and most people my age or younger have been taught in schools that Missouri was a Union State, although the duly elected State Government voted a Bill of Secession in October 1861 and was admitted to the Confederacy on November 15, 1861 as the twelfth Confederate State.
We are denied our Southern heritage, called Midwestern and most Americans think wheat, not cotton, is our largest farm crop.   Because of our unique geographic position, both are large crops.
Most New England banking and financial institutions have placed large regional or national Headquarters in St. Louis, thus diluting our voting power. Kansas City has always been Liberal and there you will find an extremely large number on Mexicans making it a two language, not bilingual City.
A Joint State House and Senate nullification resolution was effectively killed by tabling it indefinitely in the Senate.  We have had to pass into law, over our liberal Governor’s veto or in his absence, specific nullification acts.  The Liberal Federal Abortion support rules have been nullified and when nationalized medicine goes into effect in 2011, it has already been declared null and void in Missouri.
When a sovereign State has to fight its Federal compact, that compact is invalid.  Period.
America is already weakened from within by big money caused depression and unemployment, and the promotion of deplorable moral excesses encouraged as a norm to be supported by these godless people.
Is America a Christian nation? Not any more.
Secession has once again become, more than in the Nineteenth Century, necessary for the guarantee of individual freedom.
Like ancient Rome, we have not been conquered in war, but are falling due to decay from within.
Anyone who does not play the Yankee game will find themselves in an almost indefensible position.
Our Confederacy is our best hope.  Maybe our only hope.
May God help us all.