Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I am REALLY liking what the newly energized SCV is doing these days:

The Sons of Confederate Veterans plans to try and counter NAACP efforts to prevent South Carolina colleges from hosting postseason tournaments as the civil rights group presses sanctions against the state for flying the Confederate flag on Statehouse grounds here.

“Nobody really seems to be making South Carolina’s case before the NCAA,” Don Gordon, spokesman for the South Carolina division of the Sons of Confederate veterans, said Monday. “We’re going to try to resolve that.”

Recent events such as these have destroyed the notion that that the SCV should limit itself to discuss, defend, and teach only the history of 1861-1865. It is impossible to vindicate “the Cause for which we fought” and to perpetuate the principles the Confederate soldier fought for by limiting ourselves to just those years.

Why? Crucial events occurred prior to those years that people must understand in order to see why the Confederate soldier fought. Was it to protect slavery, as the National Park Service now teaches? No—the South had a long history of resisting Northern domination, which gave rise to the Bill of Rights, the Virginian and Kentucky Resolutions, and the 1828 tariff and secession crisis, just to name a few.

And events took place during Reconstruction, and after that tragic period, that shed light on the War for Southern Independence. For example, if the North invaded the South because, as Lincoln said, the Union was indivisible, then by what Constitutional authority could the Radical Republicans expel States from the “indivisible” Union? People need to see the entire story in context to appreciate what the Confederate cause was all about.

The Confederate period is clearly a defining part of Southern history. That’s why the Battleflag came to symbolize the entire South, not just the war years. The Confederate soldier was once honored in the schools, government, and even in Hollywood. But the multicultural mandate has targeted ALL Southern heritage, including Confederate heritage—our enemies do not make a distinction between tearing down WBTS monuments, Battleflags, or smearing Southern traditionalism as “racist.” As the political climate has changed in this country, the SCV has had to adjust accordingly, and most of that change came from the local camps, the grass-roots of the SCV. We have to face the fact that the symbols of our culture are under attack by well-organized political groups. Wishing they’d leave us alone won’t accomplish a thing. It’s time to organize and fight back, and the SCV is doing just that. Keep the skeer on, fellas.

On The Web: http://leagueofthesouth.net/rebellion/index.php/site/confederate_group_says_itll_push_back_on_ncaa_flag_sanctions/