51 Days Until Confederate History Month
By Calvin E. Johnson, Jr. Chairman of the National and Georgia Division Confederate History Month Committee
A Good Dixie Sunday evening to you all on God’s Holy Day!!
Please send this important message to SCV, UDC, DAR, SAR, Order of Confederate Rose, Historical organizations and everyone.
There are only 51 days left until the beginning of Confederate History Month—April 2009. Please read my report that was published in the November-December issue of the Georgia Confederate at:
The Editor of the Georgia Confederate is Mr. Mike Crane and he is doing a GREAT job on the SCV newspaper. He is also my right-hand man for Confederate History Month. I wish to ask each of you, in the name of our Southern ancestors, to be a Good-Will Ambassador for Confederate History Month. Here are a few things to think about.
Save the Georgia Division SCV Confederate Heritage Month webpage: http://www.confederateheritagemonth.com  and sign up for updates.
Mike will be introducing a new website, shortly, for the National SCV Confederate History month Committee. We want to hear from ALL our sons and daughters in all 50 states about your plans for CHHM.
I will be sending a downloadable ready attachment for sample brochure and poster to you shortly for Confederate History Month.
Hope to let you know how to order CHHM stickers that have been given out by the hundreds of thousands in years past.
Mike and I will give CHHM reports at the March meetings of the SCV National and Georgia Division Executive Council. We will submit our ideas for Confederate History Month minute recordings that can be sent to radio stations. See the following for about 20 CHHM minutes: http://confederatehistorymonth.com/heritage/2006/calvin_johnson.php
Are you ready to send a request for a CHHM proclamation to the governor, county commissioner are city government? Go to ConfederateHeritageMonth.com  to see a sample. Let’s go for 1,000 proclamations this year. We can do it!
Are you planning to give talks to school, church or historical organizations? I will be sending you an attachment of a brochure you may use at such programs.
Please contact Mike or me for addition info. about this years Confederate History Month. Mike’s email is MIkeCrane@tds.net and mine is: cjohnson1861@bellsouth.net
Are Your Ready for Confederate History Month 2009?
We are not just planning for 2009, but looking ahead to bigger things for 2010. God bless our noble Confederate ancestors and have a Dixie Day!!
Calvin E. Johnson, Jr.