Confederate History Month 2009 Proclamations
Confederate History Month 2009 Proclamations
The Cobb County, Georgia Board of Commissioners will present us for about the 8th consecutive year a proclamation for Confederate History Month to be presented on Tuesday March 24, 2009, at 7PM. I hope we can get a good crowd at the Cobb Commission meeting at Cherokee Street off the square in Marietta, Georgia.
Marietta, Georgia Mayor Dunaway will also sign a proclamation for Confederate History Month. I have also sent requests to the cities of Acowrth and Kennesaw and the Board of Commissioners of Fulton County in Atlanta, Georgia. I will send more. Let’s make it a thousand this year by adding to following list. Please see the proclamation, below, I sent Cobb County.
1. Board of Cobb County Commissioners
2. Marietta Mayor William B. Dunaway
Calvin E. Johnson, Jr., Chairman
National and Georgia Division SCV Confederate History Month Committee

Confederate History Month Proclamation
WHEREAS: Our Country is a nation of people united by a common history, individual heritage and diverse cultures, and Cobb County, Georgia is rich in the history of the War Between the States, being the site of several battles including the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain and Battle of Gilgal Church; and
WHEREAS:  The State of Georgia has long cherished its Confederate History and honored great leaders like: Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson , Judah P. Benjamin and Captain Sally Tomkins; and
WHEREAS: The men and women of the Confederacy came from all races and religions that include: Irish-born Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne, Black Georgia Private Bill Yopp, Mexican-born Colonel Santos Benavides and Cherokee born Gen. Stand Watie; and
WHEREAS: The Georgia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans is dedicated to honoring, on a statewide basis, those who served the Confederate States of America and to educating the general public on Confederate history; and
WHEREAS:  Confederate Memorial Day April 26th, has been celebrated in Cobb County, Georgia for over 100 years by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Ladies Memorial Association and Sons of Confederate Veterans and the month of April bears special significance since it marks both the beginning and end of the War Between the States; now
THEREFORE: We, the Cobb County Board of Commissioners, do hereby proclaim that April 2009 is ¡Confederate History and Heritage Month¢ in Cobb County, Georgia and encourage all residents to learn more about the history of Cobb County and the State of Georgia, and the role they played in the Confederate States of America in our nation’s history.