Confederate Funeral For Mother of Local Southern Civil Rights Leader

Sunday, January 22, 2005

Anna Belle Edgerton’s beliefs were as controversial in life as they were in death. Her son, H.K., a self proclaimed Southern civil rights activist and former head of the Asheville NAACP proudly carries the confederate battle flag at her funeral.

He said, "I want people to understand that this is our flag, this is our Southland…even though folks don’t wanna tell that story."

The service was supposed to be held at Hill Street Baptist Church but waiting on the steps were the Board of Deacons who refused to allow the service to take place.

Family friend Roger McCredie said, "They absolutely did not want the funeral to take place here although arrangements have been made for quite some time."

Although Mrs. Edgerton never served a day in the military she was buried with full confederate honors and according her sons, the first of it’s kind for an African American in North Carolina.

The peaceful procession was not greeted warmly by many on lookers. Two African American mourners said they didn’t think a confederate flag had any place there. But McCredie believes the history books have it all wrong. "There’s a tremendous amount of revisionist history going on and it’s being spoon fed to a lot of people."

H.K. believes this funeral is exactly what she had wanted. And although her reign may have ended in the South her love of the south lives on. "And you know before my mama left out here she told me she was gonna call a board meeting in heaven with General Lee and Gen Claiborne and was going to tell them that her sons and daughters were doing well."

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