Response to David Person, who condemned 150th anniversary of The War for Southern Independence in USA Today.
David Person
WEUP Radio
2609 Jordan Lane, NW
Huntsville, AL  35816
Dear Mr. Person,
In your USA article on 2/23/2011 blasting the 150 year anniversary of the Civil War, which was really the War of Northern Aggression, you say “celebrations dismiss role of slavery”.  You also state that the major reason for the war was slavery, and that “It’s almost like celebrating the Holocaust”.  It is obvious that you are one of the uneducated people who has been indoctrinated by the public school system and our socialist universities in this country.  With all the truth that is out there pertaining to the war, it is astounding to me that most people still believe the rewritten version of history instead of the true account.  The South is lambasted for slavery, but where did the South acquire slaves?  They purchased them from the North, who also had slaves, and not only had them, but built the slave trading ships in New England that went to Africa and traded rum for them.  They hauled them back in tiny, cramped, inhumane compartments and sold the survivors to both Northerners and Southerners.
It is very ignorant of you to refer to celebrating Southern heritage as being equal to celebrating the Holocaust.  A holocaust is the murder and annihilation of a people.  Genocide.  Genocide is what is being perpetrated against the Southern people and our heritage by you, the NAACP, Hollywood, the lamestream media, liberal authors, our government, and rewriters of history.  The Southern people have been under constant attack for its history, culture, and symbols for decades.
If slavery was the issue, then why was West Virginia, which was formed in violation of the U.S. Constitution, allowed to secede INTO the union with the stipulation that if it joined, it would be allowed to keep its slaves?  And why was the original 13th Amendment, which promised the Confederacy they could forever keep their slaves, rejected by the South if the war was over slavery?  You just repeat the lies you have been taught all your life. The war was not over slavery, it was fought for the exact same reasons the U.S. Revolution was fought, to gain independence from a tyrannical ruler and defend itself from an invading army.
The Union army looted, burned, raped, and murdered thousands and thousands of civilians, and captured blacks and forced them into the Union ranks, as is told in many letters by Union officers.
Enclosed is a True History CD, in MS Word format, which has tons of information not taught in the government indoctrination centers.  I have given hundreds of these out to schools, libraries, government and private individuals, and school book publishers in order to try and bring forth a little light of truth.
Sir William Wallace of Scotland stated in 1281, "Any society which suppresses the heritage of its conquered minorities, prevents their history, and denies them their symbols, has sewn the seed of its own destruction."  That is precisely what has been happening to the South for generations.
Sir, I do not mean to be disrespectful toward you.  You obviously write what you believe to be true, but it isn’t.  Our rewritten history has brainwashed millions over the decades, and turned black against white, and white against black, where there used to exist a warm, loving relation between the two races, yes, even during slave times.  Read the “Slave Narratives” written by a Northern journalist during the Great Depression.
I do hope that you will give some time to this CD and discover that all of what you have been told is not true. The victors write the history, and write it as they want it to be.
Jeff Paulk