Chuck, compromises over Southern flags & monuments that some among us thought “were good ideas" and thought were settled years ago are now flaring back up. Why, because we cannot compromise with some people or their groups who are hell bent on our complete & total destruction.
Those one-sided compromises Southern groups made (the other side never compromised one inch) with its enemies over the last couple of decades has proved to be exactly what I said they were at the time, a probing of our Southern organizations to see how much of our history, heritage, culture & symbols we would willingly give-up on the promise of peace through compromise.
Now our enemies are back with a second & final assault to take it all through the government & its courts. Provided “our” elected officials don’t give the rest of it to them first for some more of that false peace.
All these compromises remind me of Neville Chamberlin being hailed as a hero from “achieving peace in our time!” We all know what happened after that declaration.
Its past the time for some of our wishy-washy pretty boys to step up & fight instead of just attending meetings, giving speeches & just in general standing there "looking good."
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama